#IWSG: Keep on Writing (Everyday)?


It’s the first Wednesday of the month and that means the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (#IWSG) meets again.

I’m not sure what to write about today. In May, I wrote only one less post than in April. It still feels as though I’m a lot less inspired and motivated to write. The writing prompts that helped me write posts, including fiction and poetry, didn’t really speak to me at all in May. Even if they did speak to me in a way, I couldn’t find the words to actually write.

I did resolve a few weeks ago to write everyday. I wasn’t requiring myself to write a blog post everyday, though subconsciously that’s what it felt like. As such, I felt weird when I had no idea what to write about at 9PM and was going to go to bed in half an hour. I skipped blogging only two days in May though. That’s something to be proud of!

Now on to the optional prompt for this month. This month, we’re encouraged to share some secrets people don’t know through our writing. I am going with one that is in a way pretty contradictory: people may not know from my blog that I can be really private.

I mean, I share so much on my blog that it’s almost too much information. I of course intended my blog for this very purpose, but still. I guess most people who read my blog, assume from it that I share a lot about my life in real life too. I don’t. My husband has gotten upset at times at my having posted something on my blog that I didn’t tell him.

Another, related, secret is that my self-esteem is pretty low. My husband at least used to think I had a lot of self-confidence, being that I think others find my life interesting enough that I want to blog about it. It’s not true though. I’m pretty shy and self-conscious in real life. And even where it comes to my writing, I often feel held back by my inner critic.

9 thoughts on “#IWSG: Keep on Writing (Everyday)?

    1. Thanks for commenting over here too. I have never even submitted anything for publicaiton except one piece in 2014, which thankfully got accepted. My inner critic just keeps saying my writing isn’t worth it.


  1. That’s interesting as I also don’t share much outside of blogging. I’ve formed the theory that many people who blog are actually rather quiet in real life. Blogging is a preferred way of sharing about ourselves, and we don’t feel the “need” to do otherwise. Similarly, I feel that those who go on and on about themselves should start a blog (and give us a break in real life!)
    I blogged every day for a year in 2012. It was difficult at times, but good in the long run. I’m sure it made me more observant of the world around me. Keep it up, I enjoy your posts!

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  2. It’s similar for me as I share lots of private things on my blog that I hardly ever share with people in real life. And then despite I share so much on my blog very openly and honestly there are also things I am not inclined to share anywhere really. And I have low self-esteem and a very overactive inner critic as well, but I guess that, unless I share it, obviously, it doesn’t show in my writing usually if I don’t want it to show, and despite being self-conscious and all that, I at the same time do think that my life is interesting, and that’s what some people have told me, even if it’s not necessarily interesting at all in a conventional way, like that it’s not stormy or adventurous nor even particularly eventful, I’d think it’s interesting just because it’s different than what most people know, and the most interesting things about it seem to actually be about my inner, brain life haha. Also I can suck at loads of things, but I’m definitely not boring. 😀 Which can be both very good and very bad for me, depending on a situation and context.

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    1. Yeah, our lives are very different from the ordinary. I guess that if I didn’t have my disabilities and mental health issues, I wouldn’t think people were interested in my life at all. It’s okay though to use our differences like this.

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