Wow, can you believe it’s May already? I completed the #AtoZChallenge rather well actually if I can say so myself. Now I want to continue writing regularly for the month of May at least.

Today I’m joining in with Five Minute Friday, for which the prompt today is Distraction. At first, this prompt struck a chord, but I didn’t know why. Then I thought…

I want to live more productively. I also want to live more mindfully. These two seem contradictory at first, but honestly, if you get distracted by a thousand other things whilst being “productive”, you’re not mindful and not productive.

I want to stick to a regular writing routine. That doesn’t mean I need to write actually high-quality posts everyday. Of course, if my post is scrambled and going off on a thousand tangents, it may not be as easy to read. However, my writing will improve even if I freewrite. That’s why I try to join in with FMF today.

Then again, I’ve started this post a few times already and then stopped after the first sentence or two. I thought my post didn’t matter. Wasn’t good enough. Wasn’t real “content”. But then again, when I started this blog, I meant for it to be my space to let you hear my inner voice. So no matter how distracted I am, I will continue to write. That will ultimately led me to being more mindful and more productive at least in my blogging life. And hopefully in life in general.

15 thoughts on “Distracted

  1. This is what I need to be,
    ‘mindfully productive’;
    though it can be hard to see
    that it’s not destructive
    to one or the other words,
    making mindful kinda hazy
    or perhaps it points me to
    productive lost in ‘lazy’.
    I’d really like my mind aware
    of how my hands are gettin’ on,
    not sitting in a rocking chair
    while the worker builds his brawn,
    nor holding court with nowt achieved…
    this is harder than I first believed!

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  2. Distraction definitely tests our mindfulness and our focus determines our productivity. I find the focus that sharing is unique on its own keeps me moving forward and believing that my work is always enough. We have so much to share, there’s just no perfection.

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  3. I love this post Astrid. It is honest, from your heart, and well written. I really want to hear your inner voice. Keep writing.

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