Hihi it’s Milou

So I writed this some hours ago but didnt feel like posting it here cause bigs want to keep the blog big and serious and stuff but thats not what we meant this blog for when we first started it so I will just write.

Hihihi everyone its me Milou. I’m 8-years-old and I have lots of fun today. Today this staff person taked me to the playground and I went on a seesaw. Of course with the body being big now I not fitted in the seat but I sitted on a side thing that bigs can sit on and still use the seesaw.

Then I got me and Lisel whos 5 some fun books. We tried amazon first but that wouldnt work for some stupid reason so we got some stuff off Apple books. All the books were free so yay we can have as many as we wants. I got one called 100 jokes for kids and it had lots of funny jokes in it. I’m a little old for this kind of books but cause they’re in english they still are fun for me.

Here’s one joke I remember now.

Q: What happens when the cows refuse to get milked?

A: Udder chaos!

Milou age 8

10 thoughts on “Hihi it’s Milou

    1. Hihihi Darina its so cool to see you here. On amazon I think you can filter by price and then select free. ON Apple books you cant but it will say “download” instead of the price when you see a book title. I can get the bigs to look some up for you. -Milou

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        1. I don’t think we have your current E-mail address so we’ll send some recommendations through the DID list okay? If you look for fun stories children on Apple books first a couple stupid romance books pop up but then you’ll see a lot of children’s books.

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