Five of My Bookish Habits

I’m once again joining in with Top 5 Tuesday. This week, the topic is bookish habits. Some of these are probably rather common, but some might not be.

1. I tend to read multiple books at a time. It’s rare that I finish a book before another one captures my interest, so I usually have at least three books I’m in the process of reading at the same time.

2. I almost exclusively read eBooks. Okay, so to those who know me, this may be obvious. I am blind and Braille books are extremely clunky. Then again, I hardly ever listen to audiobooks either. The reason is my poor English listening skills. Oh yeah, I hardly ever read books in any language other than English. This may seem obvious to those who don’t know me, since then you might not know that Dutch is my native language. I don’t seem to like Dutch books though.

3. I can’t do anything else while reading. Can’t listen to music or have the TV on or the like. I’m trying to train myself to listen to whale sounds or other white noise while reading. Otherwise I’m unable to read at day activities and I’d love to be able to do that.

4. I’m a true book collector. Especially now that I am a Bookshare (U.S.-based accessible book service) member, I download a lot more books than I actually read. I mean, when I was younger, my parents or later I myself would have to manualy scan print books for me, so I had an incentive to read all books on my shelf. Now I have a ton of textbooks and self-help books I only ever page through. My fiction bookshelf also has a lot on it I haven’t read. Conversely though, my Goodreads TBR list is rather short. The reason is I hardly use Goodreads.

5. I’m obsessed with checking book length and my progress percentage once I decide to read a book. I’m a slow reader, so I often want to know if I’m progressing nicely.

What are some of your bookish habits?

5 thoughts on “Five of My Bookish Habits

  1. I am strictly paper books but I’m 47 so maybe I am just old and old fashioned, something about texture and the smell of ink and the feel of the paper.

    I also start multiple books at a time, though lately I’ve not been finishing any of them. Attention deficit disorder.

    And like you, i can’t read with music or TV. I can read if I have like my nature sounds machine with rain or thunderstorm, but the beach sounds with birds and whales are too jarring for anxiety.

    Being bookish is awesome. People don’t read enough anymore due to social media. And it’s a shame because books can transport you to another place, another time, and really nourish your soul.

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    1. Oh yeah, I totally get you on the smell and feel of paperback books. I still remember the smell and feel of Braille books distinctly, even though it’s been almost 15 years since I last read one.

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  2. I do read more e-books these days, though physical books would be my favorite. I’m always reading more than one book at a time though, and I like knowing how many pages are in a physical book when I’m reading so I’ll almost always check that before I start. lol


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