Three Wishes

I’m trying to participate in 7 Days 7 Posts organized by Jessica from Daysixtyfive. That is, I won’t promise I’ll complete the challenge, as I’m having a nasty cold. Yes, again. I hope I don’t end up with a fever this time. That being said, if it doesn’t get worse than it is now, I’ll probably be able to do fine.

Today’s topic is about wishes. You have just been granted three wishes. What are they?

I initially thought that we’re supposed to have big, world-changing wishes like peace everywhere. Then I saw Jessica’s post and her first two wishes are just for herself and her family. Maybe we all are self-centered like this, so I don’t need to feel shameful about wishing stuff for just myself. Here goes.

1. Physical and mental wellbeing. I purposefully wish for wellbeing, not health, as the genie might interpret health to mean I want to get cured of my disabilities. I don’t. I want to remain blind and autistic and having mild cerebral palsy. I even don’t want to be cured of my dissociative disorder, in that I want to remain multiple. What I do want is to be is stable mentally, less anxious. I also want my chronic physical ailments to go away. And while we’re here, I wish this nasty cold away and not to return.

2. To be close to my husband. I would wish for a suited care facility in my husband’s area, so that I could visit him more often. A suited care facility would be much like the one I’m in now, with a day center on grounds, lots of sensory equipment, the staffing level for me to be able to enjoy regular leisure activities, etc.

3. Unlimited ParaTransit access. This was the first that came to mind after a care facility close by my husband. Bigger things like wellbeing hadn’t even come to mind yet. I could wish for an endless stream of money, so that I can hire my own taxi drivers, but I don’t think I’d feel any better then. However, the ability to travel wherever I want without having to worry about public transportation, is very high on my list of desires. Interestingly, for the cost it took to make all trains and buses wheelchair-accessible, the government could have made this a reality for all majorly disabled people.

What would you wish for if you were granted three wishes?

8 thoughts on “Three Wishes

  1. It costs three dollars each stop for paratransit here. And you have to call days in advance so no emergency trips allowed. No shopping bags you can’t carry on your person are allowed. Taxis are minimum of ten dollars one way. So traveling in a wheel chair is very inconvenient. Last time I took a taxi, I was denied and had to wait for a different one. You need exact change in cash or a punch card for the para busses.

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    1. Oh, that sucks. ParaTranist is much cheaper here, like €0.20/km and in most cases you can have one shopping bag with you. It’s highly dependent on your local area though. However, I was really meaning interregional ParaTransit, which is pretty good here.

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  2. These are fantastic wishes. You put a lot of thought into this, it’s fantastic. I personally really like number 3, I think this is incredibly important and I am glad you have brought attention to this.

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    1. Thanks so much. Yes, accessible travel is so important. However, our conservative government believes heavily in people’s self-reliance so rather than giving each disabled person more ParaTransit kilometers, they invested a huge amount of money in making all traings, buses and stations accessible to wheelchair users. Which hardly helps most wheelchair users and doesn’t help anyone needing ParaTransit for other disabilities like blindness.

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