Monday’s Music Moves Me (December 23, 2019): My Favorite Christmas Songs

It’s already past 10PM Monday here and I really need to be in bed, but I really want to have a blog post up today too. Don’t ask me why, as I’ve gone days without blogging before and it’s never been a problem. I originally intended on doing another Reading Wrap-Up, but then spent so much time actually reading that I don’t think I’ve got time for one now. Instead, I’m for the first time in forever joining in with Monday’s Music Moves Me.

The theme all December is Christmas. I wonder whether next Monday people aren’t seriously tired of all the Christmas songs, as it’s nearly New Year’s then. Anyway, I’m not yet tired of them, though I must admit I rarely consciously listen to Christmas music. I remember when I had my radio preprogrammed on Sky Radio close to Christmas one year when I was around fourteen. Sky Radio is broadcasted as “the Christmas station” here around that time and it practically airs just Christmas music then. My father-in-law, who usually has Sky Radio on in his dentistry practice, changes to another station as soon as he hears the first Christmas song, usually sometime in the third week of November.

Anyway, I know quite a few Christmas songs through Sky Radio, but this station doesn’t air any of the newer ones. Or maybe it does now. I honestly haven’t been consciously listening in years. So I guess all my favorite Christmas songs are rather outdated.

My favorite one is It’s Gonna Be a Cold Cold Christmas by Dana. I somehow love her voice.

Next I guess would be Last Christmas by Wham as it’s practically the first Christmas song you’ll hear each year here. It’s a pretty bad earworm, but oh well.

Then of course I need to include a not-so-serious one and I’m obviously going with Tom Lehrer’s A Christmas Carol.

What are your favorite Christmas songs?

8 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me (December 23, 2019): My Favorite Christmas Songs

    1. Yes, agree, LOL. He truly captures the meaning of Christmas very well in this song. At least for me, since I don’t even hide the fact that it’s about the presents and the food.


  1. Thanks for the introduction to funnyman Tom Lehrer. I really enjoyed him. I have never heard Cold Cold Christmas by Dana either. Sheesh maybe I’ve been living under a rock. hahahha Thanks for stoppin’ by… MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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  2. Astrid,

    I’m so glad you decided to join the 4M dance floor. I, like you, never tire of Christmas mewsic. In fact, it will be difficult to let it go by the month’s end but I know that I must so to not spoil the specialness. I fear if I go any longer than 30-days then I might become tired, so I’m content with the month+ length of nearly constant playing of my beloved Christmas mewsic.

    I don’t remember Dana, so I really enjoyed the introduction to this gal. I’m going to look up more of her stuff. Tom Lehrer sings like a Victorian-style singer from the 20s, don’t you think? His ‘A Christmas Carol’ always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing and here’s hoping you have a joyful Merry Christmas. I can’t believe it’s here, can you?

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  3. Dana’s song was new to me. Tom Lehrer’s songs are classics (and honest). My husband was in retail for many years and is so burnt out on Christmas songs that he really doesn’t want to hear them in the house. But, there are a lot of Christmas songs I enjoy. For some reason, Last Christmas by Wham is a song I’ve been hearing everywhere this year.

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