Gratitude List (November 9, 2019) #TToT

Oh my, it’s been forever since I participated in Ten Things of Thankful. I think I participated once since moving to the care facility. The thing is, I have a ton of ideas for blog posts on my mind but only so much time to complete them. I mean, maybe a gratitude list should be one of the easier ones on my list, but oh well. I don’t know. I don’t want to make up excuses, so here’s my gratitude list.

1. Eating out with my husband and sisters-in-law. The sisters-in-law had offered it to us as a present for us having bought a house. We went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant. My husband thought he wouldn’t particularly like the food, but he did and I loved it. As those who know me well will admit, gluttony is my main deadly sin, LOL.

2. Great reading. I don’t nearly spend as much time reading as I’d like, but I do love the books I’m currently reading.

3. An increase in mental clarity and energy. I’ve been doing better in the brain fog department lately. In fact, I can usually manage to be quite active either physically or mentally most of the time during the day.

4. The sensory room at day activities, including its music player. It is connected to the waterbed, so that the music almost surrounds you when you’re lying on the waterbed.

5. A nice behavior specialist. On Tuesday, I had my review at the care facility. It went okay, but after it, I did experience some trust issues particularly with my day activities staff. She called out for the behavior specialist to talk to me some more and the issue got mostly resolved.

6. Sunshine. Of course, it’s fall here, so we don’t experience the great weather of summer, but we did get some relatively sunny days. It was nice being out in this weather.

7. My former psychiatric nurse practitioner calling me to check in. He also finally sent me the form he’d sent to the assertive community treatment team in my town, since I hadn’t read it yet. It was good to talk to him for a bit.

8. A good intake interview with the nurse practitioner and social worker from the new team. I was able to explain myselves quite well. My current diagnosis apparently is unspecified personality disorder with dissociation along with autism spectrum disorder, but I was able to go into some detail about the extent of the dissociation. It was good also to have a staff from the facility with me. This team is more concerned with one’s individual needs for support than with one’s diagnosis.

9. Walking. When I first came to this facility, I didn’t expect to get out and about much, but I usually do manage at least 30 minutes a day even now that fall has truly set in. I tried to reconnect my Fitbit when I found its charger earlier this week, but the app seems to have locked me out. I don’t really care though.

10. Sleeping with music on. On Thursday, I was so tired from the intake interview at mental health that I slept most of the evening away. I slept with a lovely playlist on Spotify playing on my phone. I am still considering getting myself a music pillow.

11. My husband. He’s so nice! It’s hard not seeing him as much as I used to, but he showers me with love each time we do see each other.

What have you been grateful for?

13 thoughts on “Gratitude List (November 9, 2019) #TToT

  1. Oh, your post reminded me that I haven’t made a gratitude post in ages either. Hope I can do one soon, too.
    So good that you could indulge in gluttony again, haha. I mean, maybe not necessarily for your health but it’s nice you had some yummy food.
    I’m very happy that your brain fog is not as bad, and that it seems like the vitamins are working. It’s always a relief when you can think more clearly when you couldn’t previously, and we should always be grateful for our brains.
    I really envy you that you have that possibility of using Snoezelen, especially the waterbed, it’s such a luxury, and so very relaxing.
    It’s a good news that people at that care facility and from the team are more individual- than diagnosis-focused, and also that you can go for walks there.
    I love to listen to music while sleeping, well, in fact it feels like I have no other option as otherwise I get sensory anxiety and such, but it’s really nice. A music pillow, that sounds interesting! I’ve never heard of such a thing.

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    1. Yeah, the snoezelen® room is really great.

      A music pillow is basically a pillow with speakers in it that are constructed so that they will transmit sound to you without much disturbance to others. At least that’s what they claim. You can connect them to a smartphone using the 3.5mm headphone slot, or maybe there are those with bluetooth too (still looking). Otherwise, I’m considering connecting an audio Chromecast to the pillow and then wirelessly connecting that to my iPhone, as you can imagine I don’t want to risk breaking my iPhone by having it physically connected to something I sleep on.

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  2. I’m grateful for Melbourne Music Week.

    And for books.

    And for two badges – the One More Chapter badge and the Books for Days badge.

    And that the 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall happened. Yes!

    And all the Quora questions – I got one about “Where did handicap come from”? and I answered about the horse. I must have got the saddlebag one wrong.

    Also there was a “flaming” question which explained flaming and Internet culture. I am grateful that I’ve not participated in flaming or even seen it.

    And that the Internet culture I take part in is open and inclusive and honest.

    I am also grateful for Tim Winton and Tara Moss and hummus.

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  3. So happy that you are well-cared for and settling in. I’m not sure what your brain fuzziness is like but I hate my own fuzziness! It happens to me when I get very little sleep and I feel very zombie-like. A sensory room sounds like a wonderful place to relax your body and brain. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I’m glad you joined us again this week; I was wondering how things were going for you. It sounds like you are settling in. It must be hard to not see your husband as much, but it sounds like he is very supportive, and that the move has been a good one for you. Hope you have a good week!

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  5. Good to ‘see’ you again!*
    It is good to have a reliable support system. Summer has left us here as well (southern New England).
    But, only a short time before the days get longer once again.
    Have a good week.

    funny how the idioms need adjusting in the virtual world… good to ‘see’ you is accurate and, more often than not, literal in the ‘real’ world. (I was thinking about writing ‘Good to read you again’… lol but, I figured we all know what we mean… where was I?)

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    1. I’m confused about your comment on “seeing” me. Do you mean it’s funny because you don’t actually meet me face-to-face or has it something to do with my being blind? I mean, you said “good to see YOU”, so since you’re presumably not blind, that got me confused. I usually just smile at the twists and turns people take to avoid using “see” or “look” to a blind person.

      One blind person even said “that makes me listen up”, rather than “look up”. In Dutch, “that makes me look up” means it’s a surprise and someone saying it makes them listen up, really obviously sounds to me like they were trying to avoid visual words.

      Another one is that people always say “do you watch [program] on TV?” And when I say “No”, they sometimes add “Oh, I meant do you listen to that on TV?” But I digress.

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  6. Being surrounded by music on a waterbed sounds totally pleasurable.
    I’m glad that you had a good week. Yeah for your #3, and being able to get out in the sunshine is always a plus.

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