#IWSG: Poetry on My Mind

It’s time for the monthly Insecure Writer’s Support Group (#IWSG) day. I originally intended on skipping it this month, because the optional question didn’t speak to me. Then I realized anything goes as long as it’s writing-related thoughts. I don’t want to be kicked off the grid either.

This month has been okay in the writing department. I have been jotting down a lot of thoughts. About two weeks ago, I joined a support group for dissociative identity disorder on Facebook and was reminded in its learning units to journal daily. I haven’t actually been doing so exactly and the private WordPress site I intended for it, has been abandoned once again. However, I did start to write more.

As I said in my other post today, poetry has been on my mind lately. I have had haikus and other syllabic poetry floating through my head, particularly at night. I’m by no means good at it, but I like to practise.

And yet I still feel insecure about my writing on this blog. I mean, I want to write poetry, but am I good enough for it? The answer may be “No,” but that doesn’t matter. I’m not submitting to a publisher or even an open competition. I’m just writing for the fun of it!

How has your writing been?

9 thoughts on “#IWSG: Poetry on My Mind

  1. In my mind poetry (like other forms of art) is a very personal thing. One person’s expression and interpretation of it are different to another’s. I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong way to express yourself. I’m sure that someone with more technical knowledge will say differently but those are my thoughts for what they’re worth.

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  2. I explored my personal and professional vocabulary of hatred and resentment and put it up to scrutiny.

    And I answered lots of Quora.com questions in the world of phrases and phrase definitions.

    Yay! Poetry!

    My cousin asked me if I wrote poetry currently.

    I think that part of my brain died in 2006-07.

    [or perhaps I was too embarrassed/ashamed].


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