“POP!” (Pop of Positivity): An Affirmation and an Uplifting Song

Today, I am feeling better than I was yesterday. I slept really well last night and also had some rest in the snoezelen® (sensory) room. In the afternoon, the behavioral specialist for my facility came by for a little chat. She reassured me that this is not a temporary placement and I won’t have to leave.

After coming home from day activities, I browsed some of the blogs I follow. I came across a post on Pop of Positivity. This is a weekly challenge by Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess for us to share what inspires and uplifts us. This week, she challenges us to come up with an affirmation and a song that brightens our mood.

I checked out affirmation apps this evening too. None are very good. I mean, ThinkUp sounds good except that it won’t let me select affirmations from other categories than the default “Recommended for you” one. This seems to be a VoiceOver issue, as I already have a premium subscription (since I bought it a long while ago and it hasn’t expired yet) so it can’t be that. Anyway, the very first affirmation that popped up (no pun intended) for me, really spoke to me.

“I love myself, respect myself and accept myself exactly as I am.”

As for the song, I’ll go with one of my all-time favorite songs. It is I’m a Survivor by Reba McEntire. I know this song wasn’t written by McEntire and isn’t about anyone’s personal life, but it definitely speaks to me.

8 thoughts on ““POP!” (Pop of Positivity): An Affirmation and an Uplifting Song

  1. Thank you behaviour specialist!

    Lots of Pops of Positivity here.

    The Finish the Sentence Friday is about jumping.

    And Reba is so good.

    Other survivor songs I enjoy are:

    Gloria Gaynor: Survivor

    And there is at least one Beyonce related one. Before the Lemonade period – in the early 2000s? late 2000s?

    Reba really is so good.

    Blithering affirmation apps.

    I noticed that lots of people were using apps today while I was walking around the City and in the parks and at the university [was visiting for a radical art exhibition which covered geology and hydrology – rocks and water].

    “I love myself; I respect myself; I accept myself EXACTLY AS I AM; right here and right now at this moment”.

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