Gratitude List (September 7, 2019) #TToT

Hi everyone! I’ve been wanting to write a lot today, but somehow, I once again couldn’t find the words to write a proper blog post. This week was a good one in some major ways, but it was also a very stressful one. To focus my mind on the positives, I’m joining in with Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT).

1. The sensory room at day activities. I have been relaxing in it a lot lately. There’s a guy who uses it often, but he was off this past week, so I took full advantage of the available room.

2. Tranquilizers. On Tuesday, I was very irritable. I am so glad that the staff offered to give me my lorazepam and it worked.

3. Great news from the care facility, of course. I got to speak to the behavior specialist and support coordinator, which was good. It was great to hear that I will most likely be moving by September 23.

4. Hearing more about the house we’re buying. We got a go on the mortgage and are now waiting to get the keys.

5. My husband having been able to change the days he’ll be off work. He would originally have the week of September 16 off, but since I’ll be moving to Raalte on the 23rd and we’ll get the keys to our house most likely on the 25th, that wasn’t ideal. My husband will now have the week of the 23rd and the week of the 30th off.

6. Nice food. To celebbrate the great news about my moving to the care facility, my husband got us pizza and a tompouce (a Dutch pastry) on Tuesday. On Thursday, I was stressed, so I bought myself a lot of snack food. Still, I enjoyed it.

7. Horseback riding again. Yesterday marked my first riding lesson after the summer break. I rode Morritz again. I didn’t ask about Angie, the horse I previously often rode, who was injured some six months ago. As the weather was relatively good, we rode our horses outside.

8. My stuffed bear. I had a lot of nightmares and vivid dreams this past week, so I am all the more grateful for the stuffed bear my mother-in-law won for me at an animal shelter event last year. I have a ton of other soft toys, but this one is the biggest.

I am also grateful for the extra duvet my husband laid over me some nights back when he realized before me that I’d otherwise feel cold.

9. Painkillers. I’ve been having a toothache lately and had a headache yesterday. They may or may not be related. And yes, my father-in-law is a dentist, but this makes me more wary of going to the dentist (him) with this. Thankfully, paracetamol has been working.

10. My amazing fellow clients at day activities. A new girl started yesterday. She’s nice. So are the others. Most don’t understand that I’ll be moving, so I haven’t told them yet. I’ll be missing them.

What have you been grateful for lately?

9 thoughts on “Gratitude List (September 7, 2019) #TToT

  1. “…couldn’t find the words to write a proper blog post.
    Wellll!>| Please accept from me one “Wakefield Doctrine Writing Style Gift Certificate”… we totally have a huge supply of these at the Doctrine and, based on our understanding of the Book of Secret Rules (aka the Secret Book of Rules) as long as you have ‘TToT’ somewhere on the page, it qualifies as a ‘proper blog post’*.

    * of course, that is by Wakefield Doctrine standards lol
    Congrats on the process of getting a new house! Surely will be exciting.

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  2. Wow! So much change in the air–even if it’s positive, it’s still stressful. As Clark said, though, there really aren’t a lot of rules about TToT posts. (You don’t even have to make it to 10, if it’s been “that kind of week.” ) So glad you joined us again, though, and good luck with all the changes!

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  3. I am so excited for you that you are going to finally be able to be in the kind of living quarters that will allow you to start living and not merely surviving.
    The tompouces sound delicious.
    What a sweet thing that your husband knew you might need to be covered with the duvet. Aren’t duvets great—light weight, but still keep you warm.
    Wishing you a great week ahead.

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