#IWSG: My Ideal Writing Space

It is the first Wednesday of September and that means it’s once again time for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (#IWSG) to come together. This past month has been pretty productive with respect to my writing. I also left my comfort zone a little, writing one poem and learning more about writing. I subscribed to a writing-related newsletter at the end of July and have been enjoying my daily dose of inspiration.

This month’s optional question is about your ideal place to write in the world. If you could choose one place in the world to write your next story, what would it be and why? As it is, I write best when in my room, at my own desk. This desk is exactly the right height. I’ve tried writing while sitting at other desks or tables, but they’re either too low or too high. I also need my own chair, which is just about right for me too.

This being said, I have had my desk in various places. I’ve had it in several of my institution rooms. I had it when living independently in 2007. Now, it is in my room in our current house.

I will be taking this desk to the care facility with me when I move. This means I’ll have to use another desk when at my husband’s and my house. I do have another desk that can be made lower or higher. Currently, it is set too low, but I will ask my husband to make it exactly as high as my other desk. That way, I’ll hopefully still be able to write when at our home.

I usually don’t write well when there’s noise around me. I can’t really even write when music is playing in the background. This makes me glad that the staff at the care facility eventually chose the room further down the hall for me.

I like to type on my external Bluetooth keyboard connected to my iPhone. It has to sit on a laptop case or it’s not in the right position in relation to my Braille display or my hands. I can type on my laptop keyboard too, but currently being used to my Bluetooth keyboard, I prefer that.

As you can see, I don’t fancy writing in some type of exotic place, but I do have a lot of requirements for writing comfortably.

8 thoughts on “#IWSG: My Ideal Writing Space

  1. I too can only write comfortably when in my own room and at my desk, otherwise I feel easily distracted or can’t focus at all, and I need my personal space without anyone else in there to be able to write, though outside noises don’t disturb me, and music in the background actually helps me and I listen to something most of the time when writing.

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    1. Yes, Eirlys, music does help me when I write.

      Right now I am listening to a Roger Waters concert, and there will be a movie about him very soon.

      There is also a Pavarotti movie coming up.

      Some ambient and outside noises do disturb me.

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  2. Comfort is one thing I need too, one reason why I prefer my dining table. The desk is good, but the table has more room and just works better. I think I’d be distracted if I was in an exotic place where I’d want to look around instead of write. So home with my table is best. Sometimes I like the sofa so I can watch TV. Happy writing.

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