Share Your World (July 29, 2019)

Today, I’m joining in with Share Your World. I loved today’s questions. Here are they and my answers.

1. Is it wrong to sell store-bought pastries at a bake sale?
No. It’s a little unauthentic, but it’s not morally wrong. In fact, with the licensing that’s required to sell food (or cosmetics), it may be wiser. I know this from the time I made handmade soaps for my staff and fellow patients in the psych hospital. They wanted to give me a small amount of money for it and I didn’t object, but I did make it clear that I didn’t have a license. When my staff sold a traditional new year’s treat in large quantities at my ward, the manager did make sure he had a license.

2. Have you ever interacted with the police?
Lots of times, mostly for my own safety when I was in a mental crisis. I have however also been in contact with the police for the mere crime of being (or appearing) lost. I will soon write a post on this topic.

3. What will you remember most about this past year?
So far, the most memorable moment of 2019 was my being approved for long-term care.

4. Is it better to have fungus on your toes, your tongue, or your pizza?
LOL. Since a pizza with mushrooms on it is called fungi at least here, I prefer that. Not that I like this pizza, but it’s much better than having a toe fungus at least. I am so happy my toe fungus was finally (mostly) eradicated after many years of suffering when I got oral medication for it last year. I have no experience with a tongue fungus and I’d like to keep it that way.

5. What is one slang word that makes your skin crawl?
I don’t know much about slang, but ableist slurs definitely make me angry. I’ll go with “lame” for now.

4 thoughts on “Share Your World (July 29, 2019)

  1. Astrid:

    good point about the cakes and the soaps. [unless authenticity is one of your central or core moral and ethical precepts/tenets].

    Usually these licences are check-by-check; tick-by-tick and can be got through a course or a day centre.

    I am the sort of person who feels funny when a family member brings a store-bought cake when I know their cooking would be better or as good as the store-bought cake unless I really like the cake and it’s a delicacy in that store or that neighbourhood.

    Tongue fungi are often diagnostic of health issues.

    One place I would not like to have a fungal infection is under my breasts. Cousins discussed it last November [2018].

    I did something that I’ll remember for the rest of 2019. I broke my bed. The timber was not so good and the balance had been shifting for a while when I was awake and asleep.

    That traditional New Years’ treat – we’ll have to have some of it in 2020, won’t we?

    Okay: slang word that I hate. Yours truly was on Merriam-Webster a few hours ago and the way SANCTION has transformed into a deeply unholy word for holy things or law. I learnt also it was a noun and a verb.

    Another word which has become this is CANCEL as in CANCEL CULTURE.

    Carrie-Anne from Welcome to my Magick World wrote about the slang words for piercings – many annoy her especially in a professional context. Terms of trade and/or art!

    Melanie Cee:

    I am fond of all sorts of mushrooms – not necessarily cooked. I like enoki; shiitake and all the mushrooms in an Asian grocery store [they live usually on the top shelf along with kimchi]. I also find fermentation really great and would like to experiment with it on a pizza.


    Your comment made me think about Adrian Mole and his aunt Grace Pool who worked as an orderly in a prison setting . Their thing was toothbrushes especially of the teddy bear kind.

    Adrian Mole is in a series of very funny diaries by the late Sue Townsend.


    I intend to miaow my way – or claw my way – back in to a Friday blog

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