Ten of The Most Memorable Gifts I Ever Received

Originally, I wanted to post about the lovely box filled with snacks and gifts I received for Christmas at day activities earlier this week. It’s a tradition here that employers give their employees such a box for Christmas. Of course, day activities isn’t a real job, but we get a Christmas box anyway. Ours was even more special, since it had been partly personalized for each of us by our staff. Maybe I could devote a post to this box, but then I remembered that Finish the Sentence Friday is about gifts too. I am twisting the prompt a little and not just writing about the gifts I received as a child or for Christmas specifically. After all, like I may’ve said before, Christmas isn’t as important a gift-giving celebration as St. Nicholas on December 5. Besides, I don’t always remember which gifts I got for St. Nick and which for my birthday. For this reason, I’m creating a list of the most memorable gifts I received throughout my life.

1. Wally, the stuffed whale. I got her when I came home from the NICU at three months of age. I slept with her till I was nineteen. Yes, I slept with stuffed animals that long! In fact, I still do. Now I don’t sleep with Wally anymore, but I still own her.

2. Roza, my favorite doll. No, Rosa isn’t spelled with a z in Dutch, but I had no idea. I got her from my paternal grandma for my third birthday. She had bought her in Berlin and we joked about the German word for “doll”, which is similar to the Dutch word for “poop”. Roza remained my favorite doll throughout childhood. When I was seven, I was interviewed for a Dutch magazine for blind children and said that my memory from three years back was tha tit was the year after getting my favorite doll.

3. A Barbie doll I got for my eleventh birthday. The reason this one is so memorable is the fact that my mother regretted giving it to me. She felt it wasn’t “age-appropriate” and I might need to go residential at the school for the blind if I didn’t catch up with my age peers socially and emotionally. I need a separate post to explain the (lack of) logic behind this reasoning.

4. Deodorant. I got this for my fourteenth birthday from my sister. No, not in a package that had other toiletries in it. Just a deodorant stick. She clearly wanted to send me a message. I didn’t get it.

5. A coffee maker. I got it for St. Nicholas when I was 20. I was going to live independently the next year and needed a coffee maker then. My husband is happy he didn’t drink coffee when I still had the apartment I used that coffee maker in, as it quickly got very moldy and dirty from lack of cleaning, as did the rest of the apartment.

6. A Planxty CD. This was the gift my husband gave me for the first birthday after we’d started dating in 2008. I only played it when my husband was there, as I really didn’t like it. Then again, he didn’t like my first gift for him, which was a book of previously unpublished philosophical works.

7. A liquorice “cake”. My husband and I got it for our wedding from my staff at the psychiatric resocialization ward in 2011.

8. The sensory cat soft toy I got for my birthday last year. It can be put in the microwave and then gives off heat and a lovely lavender scent.

9. Rainbow/Sofie, the stuffed unicorn I got from my previous day activities when I left there. She’s truly so cool! She has two names, because two readers of my blog each came up with an equally good one.

10. A weighted unicorn soft toy. Finally, I have to include something from this year’s Christmas box. It is, interestingly, another stuffed unicorn. This one is weighted as to provide sensory benefits. I’m having another contest to name her, like I did with Rainbow/Sofie.

What gifts will you always remember having received?

7 thoughts on “Ten of The Most Memorable Gifts I Ever Received

  1. That’s such a nice tradition you have about giving people boxes with snacks at Christmas.
    If you worry that it’s inappropriate or something that you still sleep with stuffies, though I hope you don’t, let me tell you that I also used to sleep with my teddybear called Pimpuś, and I guess it was also until I was around 19. Now Pimpuś is on a well deserved retirement and my connection with him has weakened, because now I sleep with Misha, but he’s still watching over me at night sitting on the bookshelf. 😀
    by the way the German word Puppe is funny for us Poles too, because in Polish in turn the similar sounding pupa means bum/arse. Something weird with this poop sound. 😀
    The sensory cat sounds very nice. 🙂 I had a similar thing when I was a kid that was also scented and giving off heat after heating it up only that it was just a small pillow simply in a shape of a pillow.
    Wow Rainbow Sofie or Sofie Rainbow sounds like such a lovely combo. A bit of a celebrity style to me hahahaha but not weird as some celebrity babies are called but very interestingly.
    Oh wow another stuffed unicorn, how cool! Hm… do you want her name to match somehow with Rainbow Sofie? Maybe she should also have some weather/nature related first name like dunno Sunny, Cloudy, Snowdrop, or a soft name like Sofie… only that I have a hard time coming up with some similar names to Sofie at the moment hahaha, but I might think about it if you wish or if you won’t have any ideas and maybe I’ll come up with something. 😀

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    1. Thanks so much for your extensive and very validating response. I hadn’t thought of giving the unicorn a weather-related name yet. She’s white or so I’m told (with purple feet and tail and a silver unicorn horn), so maybe something like Snowflake or like you say Snowdrop?

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      1. Snowflake and Snowdrop both sound lovely in my opinion, I also like the Welsh version of Snowdrop which is Eirlys but Eirlys seems a bit tricky for a stuffie haha I guess. Then there are also names that simply mean white or something similar to it and aren’t weather related like Fiona, Bianca/Blanche, Gwen, or Clara/anything related which mean light as in the shade. But I guess Snowflake or Snowdrop would be most usable here if you like them…

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  2. What (mostly) lovely memories of gifts that you remember and continue to cherish. I had to chuckle at your sister giving you deodorant when you said “I didn’t get it.” I love that you still have your favorite stuffed animals and doll. I still have stuffed Curious George and he’s a little creepy looking from today’s standards (he has this weird plastic face that looks a bit odd) but I love him. He sits on my dresser. Thanks for linking up! Hope you’re doing okay!

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