What I Like About My Body #Write31Days

Welcome to day 17 in #Write31Days. Man, this challenge gets hard and I have almost half the month still in front of me. Then again, I can show my persistence by continuing with it anyway. Today, I have yet another post about my body for you. I am going to describe the aspects of my body I like.

My body image tends to fluctuate a lot. Some of my insiders are not adjusted to living in an adult body, and as such they hate my feminine figure. I am quite curvy with large breasts, so I understand that’s difficult for the child and young teen alters. I must say though that most of the adult insiders are pretty content with my feminine body. It helps that my husband is attracted to my curves too.

The first thing I like about my body is my hair. I have long, dark hair. I need to make a hairdresser’s appointment soon, as it’s been almost six months since I had a haircut.

I also like my femininely narrow shoulders. My husband occasionally uses a quote from Schopenhauer about women with their narrow shoulders and broad hips being inferior. He doesn’t mean it seriously though and I also like my hips, although they’re not terribly broad.

Another thing I like about my body are my hands. I have pretty thin wrists and fair hands. Skip my nails for now, as I tend to bite them.

Lastly, as of recently, I’ve developed a greater appreciation of my feet. I used to have terrible toenail fungus. That is, until my husband sent me to the doctor and I got oral medication for it, since the topically-applied stuff wasn’t working. I still don’t really like my feet, but I don’t hate them as much as I used to.

What parts of your body do you like?

One thought on “What I Like About My Body #Write31Days

  1. I think I like my hair, they’re pretty thick and soft, although I dont like my natural colour – well maybe it’s weird as I’m blind but that’s the truth – it’s kinda mousey. I like my white and soft skin, even though it makes me get sunburned easily, but still, I do like it and I think it fits me. I also like my hands, which are pretty small, I guess not much bigger than my 11-year-old sister’s, but I have long, shapely fingers, however I too can’t be very proud of my nails hahaha. I like that I am slim, especially as nowadays so many people struggle with overweight I feel lucky in some way, my Mum says I’m too skinny, but I think it’s just enough, especially that, as you, my figure looks quite feminine and curvy. Keep going with this challenge, it’s great and I admire you for sticking with it despite you feel discouraged. 🙂

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