Weekly Gratitude List (August 31, 2018) #TToT

It gets boring, but time definitely flies. Tomorrow it’ll be September already. Fortunately, the good weather isn’t fully over yet, as they’re saying Sunday and Monday it’ll be sunny and warm once again. I love that.

Since it’s Friday again, it’s time for my weekly gratitude list. I notice these have become somewhat of a chore, but I hope that by continuing with them, I’ll take care to appreciate the little things in life more.

1. The takeout roti my father-in-law bought for my husband and me on Sunday. Normally, we go for Chinese, which gets boring. This was a lot more delicious.

2. Several nice walks this week. I once again went for the long walk at day activities on Monday and also went for a walk with my support worker on Thursday morning.

3. Being nominated for my first blogging award on this blog. I was nomiated for one on my other blog about a year ago, but like I’ve said, I took that blog too seriously to do blog awards. I genuinely appreciated it this time.

4. Swimming on Tuesday. On MOnday, my staff at day activities decided to invite me to participate in the swimmin group, initially just for that week. It was fabulous! I really hope I can continue to go swimming, but a volunteer already offered to watch me if there are not as many staff people.

5. Being supported by a lot of people in the multiple community. I recently joined a group for those who don’t have full-blown dissociative identity disorder, because they either have alters but minimal amnesia (me) or have amnesia but their alters are not as formed. I don’t like labeling myself that much, but I do it for the sake of finding support. After all, when you’re multiple, it’s either trauma-based or endogenic (natural) and we’re definitely not endogenic. It feels weird to join groups for DID or other dissociative disorders when we don’t have that diagnosis anymore and are not really looking for it either, but we need the support somehow. Thankfully, the people in the dissociation group are very nice.

6. Starting back into adaptive horseback ridiing after the summer break. It was absolutely so relaxing. My horse, Angie, was more obedient and less lazy than she usually is.

7. Eating some fish this afternoon. Usually when my mother-in-law takes me to horseback riding and the pharmacy on every-other-Fridays, we go to the fish stand that’s near the pharmacy. They however were gone for a few weeks. Their fish isn’t great, but this time it was quite tasty and above all it was hot.

As usual, I’m linking up with Ten Things of Thankful.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude List (August 31, 2018) #TToT

  1. Walking, swimming, and horseback riding, as well as some tasty meals–sounds like a great week! Glad you could find a supportive group, as well. Thanks for joining up with the TToT again! 🙂

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  2. I cannot believe it is September! Unlike yours, our weather is overcast with intermittent showers. No never mind, we had gorgeous weather all last week. A few rainy days isn’t the end of the world 😀
    Exercise is wonderful isn’t it? And what variety! I love swimming and hope that you get to continue with it.
    Congrats on the blogging award!
    Enjoy the weather, long walks and hot fish 🙂

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  3. As did many others, I insisted on writing yesterdays date as August 32nd…lol… I am one wjo does not look forward to the non-summer season.
    I can identify with how, sometimes, routine, regular blogging can feel boring. Luckily the TToT is so open minded on what constitutes a grat post.
    Hey! Excellant on the awardation ! It hardly ever doesn’t feel good when others show that they read and enjoy your writing.

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  4. It is great that you are able to have people who are so supportive as you participate in your activities.
    I think I’ve only had roti a couple of times. It was served in an Indian restaurant.
    Congratulations on your blogging award!

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