Weekly Gratitude List (August 17, 2018) #TToT

It’s Friday again. I don’t usually look forward to the week-end, but I love Fridays. They’re a wonderful day to reflect back on my week and remember what I’m grateful for. So here is my weekly gratitude list.

1. A stay at my in-laws last Saturday. My husband was visiting his grandma but, due to her cognitive decline, she would most likely not have recognized me, so I didn’t go. My mother-in-law took me on a walk with their dog and my father-in-law served us homemade pizza for dinner.

2. A long walk on Monday. At day activities, my group usually goes for a short walk on Monday mornings, but there’s another group who walk for like 50 minutes. An extra staff member was available last MOnday, who usually works at the group who go for the long walk but was at my group that day. She asked whether I’d like to walk with the other group while she was my sighted guide. I loved it in spite of a little rain. I really hope that I can regularly go walk with this other group. It depends on whether they think I need a one-on-one guide, which I don’t think I need.

3. Probably the last day for the year I could wear a skirt. Yesterday, the weather was good. It was warm, but not hot and there was a cool breeze too. As a result, I was able to go for another long walk with my support coordinator.

4. Managing half an hour on the elliptical on Tuesday. If I go on the elliptical tonight, tomorrow or on Sunday, I’ll also have crushed my five-day exercise goal. Not that I’ve been on the elliptical that often, but walking counts towards my goal too.

5. A good meeting with the Center for Consultation adn Expertise consultant on Tuesday. We don’t know yet what route she’s going to recommend us going re my care, as the next meeting won’t be till late September. However, I’m glad I was at least somewhat able to communicate my needs.

6. Walking around the day activities center almost with no help. On Wednesday, I asked the staff to accompany me on a walk around the building, so that I could see whether I can learn to do this independently. On my second try, I walked independently using my white cane but the staff was still close by. I’m confident that I can learn to walk this route independently. It’s only about a five-minute walk, but baby steps cunt too.

As you can see, most of the things I’m grateful for this week involve physical activity. I truly love this. I didn’t get to ten things of thankful this week, because I’ve been feeling a little off, but reflecting on the things I can still be grateful for sure does help lift my mood.

Linkign up with Ten Things of Thankful and Thankful Thursday.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude List (August 17, 2018) #TToT

  1. Sounds like a good week of physical exercise! I needed more than I got this week. So you have inspired me to get outside and get moving this afternoon! Thank you.
    (And then most likely I will go in for some of that homemade pizza for Sat. night dinner as well!)

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    1. Thanks so much. And yay, I reached my exercise goal! Now if I exercise again tomorrow and Sunday, I’ll have a record number of days that I’ve exercised (all seven days of the week).

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  2. Dogs? Homemade pizza? Ya had me right there lol
    We are soon to be experiencing a weather change in Virginia as well. Sounds like you have lovely weather. I look forward to the “not hot”.
    Keep up the good work! On both walking and the elliptical. I always find it a catch 22 – in order to feel better, get more energy, you need to exercise and that is so often a difficult task to begin but like you, I’ve been walking on a regular basis and it has helped tremendously. Unlike you though, my last interaction with an elliptical was about 3 weeks ago!
    Here’s to baby steps!

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  3. What an excellent TToT post! (I like it for form and for content. A busy week described in a manner that lets all Readers identify* with items on your list. Nicely organized narrative.
    Have a good week.

    *but, not necessarily concur..lol I am who dreads the non-warm season that approaches, once autumn arrives here in southern New England, I won’t be warm again until next July

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  4. Congratulations on being so active, and for being able to get the layout of the day activities center so quickly. I hope that the recommendations that are made in September are ones that work well for you and that you are happy with.

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  5. You certainly did fit a lot of exercise and activity into your week. I must say, that I have found, when working toward any goal, baby steps are what are needed. I’m reminded of that quote, “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.”

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