Saying Goodbye at Day Activities

Today was my last day at my now old day activities. It was a good day. My assigned support worker wasn’t on my group today but she was in the building. Yesterday already, another support worker I like came for a cup of coffee on her day off so she could still say goodbye to me, as she doesn’t work Fridays either.

First, I had a cup of hot chocolate. I usually drink coffee but wanted a treat. Don’t tell me it’s summer and hot chocolate isn’t a summer drink, because I just loved the sweetness. Then, like most mornings, I went for a walk with one of the staff. It was lovely walking by the river.

As the other clients arrived, we had coffee and fruit. The people on my group are all profoundly intellectually disabled, so they probably don’t understand that I’m leaving. As such, I didn’t make a big deal out of it at my group.

I had decided to go make ham and cheese sandwiches at the group my assigned support worker worked at today. They make ham and cheese sandwiches each Friday and I’ve participated a few times before. First, however, I gave each of the staff at day activities a tiny handmade soap that’s shaped like an apple.

When we were making the sandwiches, the people from the industrial group that I originally started day activities at, came over. They handed me a card and a Winnie the Pooh coloring page that a woman I’m close with had colored. Unlike the people at my group, they and particularly this woman did understand that I was leaving.

Then, they gave me some gifts the staff had bought for me. I got a smoothie cup with a straw, because I love making smoothies and milkshakes. I also got a lovely unicorn soft toy. It is white with a lilac tail and rainbow-colored hair. I sleep with like six stuffed animals in my bed and have two more in my favorite chair in the living room. Now the unicorn has joined those two. I challenge my readers to think up a name for her.

Lastly, I got a lovely set of body care products. They are a body scrub, a body butter and body mist. I have a huge collection of body care products already, but these truly smell awesome!

Leave-taking is bittersweet, but I truly hope to have a good time at my new day activities and to not have to say goodbye there within at least a couple years.

7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye at Day Activities

  1. It’s sad you have to leave that day activities, but I also hope you will stay for much longer at this new one. And how lovely of them to give you so many nice gifts. 🙂 How are your other stuffies called? Do you want the name of the unicorn to be matchy? How about Sofie? I love Sofie as a human name, it’s beautiful, but I also think it could be a nice choice for a soft toy, it sounds quite soothing to me, and it sounds like a kinda combination between soft and stuffie, which is funny.

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    1. Yeah, I really hope I’ll be able to stay at the new day activities much longer. I do not have my hopes up too high yet though.

      Sofie is a great name! It ends in -ie, which I love, as so do my husband’s and my endearing nicknames for each other (Assie for Astrid and Joenie for Jeroen). And our real-life cat is called Barry. My other stuffed animals don’t really have matchy names either, except for Meh-Beh and Beh-Meh, which are two sheep the insider Suzanne named. The stuffed cat is called Minoes (from a Dutch children’s book). The whale is called Wally, the daxhund Tjomme and the weird type of dragon-like soft toy is called some Dutch variety of Spiky. These are all the soft toys on my bed. The two soft toys on the chair are Snoezelpoes (ie. “sensory cat”) for the microwaveable, lavender-filled cat and Smiley for the smiley face. So I guess I’ll go with Sofie for the unicorn. I loved your saying it’s a combination of soft and stuffie.


  2. What nice gifts you got! that’s so cool! I hope you will enjoy them. I love body butter, and I was going to say rainbow for a name, but I see you went with sophie, which is really also very nice!

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    1. I’ll definitely enjoy my gifts. I love body butter too and this one has a fruity tropical scent to it.

      Rainbow is a lovely name too. Maybe the unicorn can have two names, LOL.

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