Song Lyric Sunday: Drink

Yay, it’s time for Song Lyric Sunday again with the lovely theme of “Drink”. The song I’m sharing was introduced to me by my husband. He at one point was big into punk and Oi! music. As a result, I had to listen to songs by bands such as Booze & Glory and Cock Sparrer. I have come to love some of them too, including this one by The Business. For the record: I don’t drink and I cannot drive.

Song Title: Drinking and Driving
Song Writer: couldn’t find
Band: The Business
Release Date: 1985

Half past 5 I’m in the pub
Six O’clock it’s home for grub
Eight O’clock I’m back to the bar
Sod the walk I’ll take the car


Knock it back
Have another one
Drinking and driving is so much fun

In the motor off you go
Not too fast and not too slow
Keep your head and keep your cool
Must avoid that rightful pull

As you meander down the road
Don’t forget your highway code
See the spot and take your pick
Out of the car to be sick!…