Creating an Inside Beach

Hi hi, I am Milou. I am 8-years-old and I have blonde hair. Earlier today, Allie wrote about creating an inside beach in therapy. I want one too! I really want to go back to Vlieland to see the real beach, but the bigs say I can’t. So now Esther is helping me create an inside beach. She put up real beach sounds on the computer for me to listen to.

I hear the waves. They are the North Sea waves. I love swimming in the North Sea. The bigs say I can’t go in too far.

I see the sun. It’s evening now that I write this, so the sun is going down soon. I love seeing the sunset. The sun is bright orange.

I can feel the sand under my feet. I can play in the sand. I like to build jellyfish castles. Yeah, that’s real, I add dead jellyfish to my sand castles. The bigs laugh and say it’s yuck. I can also dig a hole in the sand.

The sun has been shining all day, so the breakwaters (that’s what I’m told they’re called in English) are hot. You can stomp your foot in them and leave a footprint. You can also write your name in them with a pointy object. Read me write “MILOU”.

Oh, this was such a fun activity! Like Allie said, we can always add more to our inside beach. I can come play here whenever I want. Nighty-nighty from Milou.