#WeekendCoffeeShare (February 25, 2023)

Hi everyone on this last Saturday of February. Can you believe we’ll be rolling into March this coming Wednesday already? I definitely can’t!

I’m joining #WeekendCoffeeShare today. I just had dinner, but probably won’t finish writing this post until after my evening coffee at 7PM, since it’s 5:45 and I have one-on-one for an hour in about fifteen minutes. I’m reminded, as I type this, that the other clients’ evening coffee got moved to 7:30, so I’m afraid you’ll have to be content with a Senseo coffee (and so do I). Let’s have a drink and let’s catch up.

If we were having coffee, I’d start out by asking about your weather, as usual. Ours has been mostly cloudy with some drizzling, but today it’s been sunny at least during the afternoon. Daytime temperatures rose to between 7°C (today, the coldest day of the week) and 11°C earlier in the week.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I didn’t do as well with my walking as I’d done last week, but on Tuesday, I did register 124 exercise minutes in a single day, all by walking. It wasn’t a record by any means, but it was the best I’ve done since moving to my current home.

I’m also trying to up my walking speed, because as of this week, I can see my trends on my Apple Watch and this is the downward trend that my Apple Watch claims is the easiest for me to turn around quickly.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve had a pretty good week in the care home overall. So much so, in fact, that, like I said yesterday, I’m not 100% decided I want to leave this home anymore. A lot depends on the outcome of the meeting with the behavior specialist, my support coordinator, assigned staff and mother-in-law next Thursday. In particular, I’m going to inquire about their ideas for me regarding day activities. Ideally, I could work towards going to a day center with part-time one-on-one support. After all, I’d really like to focus on having some actual day structure rather than having “time to rest” (some staff seriously use that term for my unsupported times) every hour at least.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that I asked my assigned support staff to contact the doctor about the burning sensation on my back that I’d mentioned on Wednesday. The way things work here, she had to contact the institution nurse first. The nurse recommended we try some cetomacrogol cream. I think it might indeed be my eczema acting up again. To be honest, the cream isn’t really helping yet though.

If we were having coffee, lastly I would share that my laptop started acting up a little last week, so I ordered a new one. My old one, which I’m still typing this post on, is over 3 1/2 years old and has been used a lot during those years, so really it’s not at fault. The new one has Windows 11 on it, which I’ve been avoiding installing on the old one (assuming it could be installed at all). I really need to look into the differences so that I can familiarize myself with the new operating system before this laptop completely dies. Going to do that now, okay?

How have you been?

21 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (February 25, 2023)

  1. Cold here, but spring is edging into my garden. I have suddenly started hearing birds again and the robin has reappeared; I was beginning to worry that summer drought, winter freezes and bird flu’ had decimated the bird population.

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    1. Thank you. I just watched a training session by Freedom Scientific on using Windows 11 with JAWS (my screen reader, which was my main worry) and think it’ll be pretty easy to get used to for me.


    1. Thanks. I gave up on the Mac when after six months I couldn’t get used to it. Now my husband just bought a Mac and he joked that I’d be jealous but I’m not.


    1. Thank you. I really hope it’s “just” eczema, as, if it is, it at least usually clears up with some creams or maybe some prescription ointment. My main worry is that I have several moles near where the sensation is located and it just might be one of these is causing the sensation and well you probably know where this train of thought is headed.

      As for the computer, my husband installed it for me – Windows, including the add-ons I wanted such as Office, as well as my screen reader -, and, judging from the sounds I heard over the phone, it’s all working. I do need to try to export my screen reader settings somehow, or try to memorize them or write them down, because currently there’s this low-quality female voice talking while I have the enhanced-quality male voice as my default voice.


  2. Our weather has been very spring like until Friday when it tried to snow. lol It is feeling warmer though.
    I am glad you’ve had a good week and it sounds like a good turnaround with you not being 100% about leaving the home. I am glad things are improving a little.
    I am avoiding installing Windows 11 too. My fella and my eldest have it on their computers and it doesn’t look too bad but I am someone who doesn’t like change. x

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    1. I feel you about not liking change. I must say, I find Windows 11 quite easy to work with so far, having used it only for an evening now.

      Glad your weather’s so good!


  3. I really hope that meeting goes well, and also that something will help you with the burning sensation, whatever its cause. From what I’ve heard Windows 11 doesn’t differ a whole lot from Windows 10 but some stuff is apparently more screwed accessibility-wise than Windows 10 was. Can’t say more though as I’ve never used it personally and on the rare occasion that I do use Windows these days it’s still 10. I hope you’ll figure it all out easily though and won’t have too much trouble adjusting.

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    1. I haven’t found any accessibility problems with Windows 11 yet, but then again only started using it this evening.

      I really do hope the meeting goes well indeed. Here’s hoping the nurse and/or my GP will figure out something that will help the burning sensation too.

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  4. Hi Astrid,
    I’m with you on the new computer challenge. I hate moving to new ones so I put it off whenever I can get away with it.
    Even though my company pays for it, this round they’re giving us no real options and once it arrives, I have to do the full installation myself which is always a pain. They no longer want an expert who knows how to do this to do it for us. Errors happen and what could have been done in an hour or so, ends up killing a whole day or more and, since we don’t have many options, I sometimes have to go through the whole process only find out that I don’t have enough memory or disc to do my job, so I have to order that and not work much until more hardware arrives.

    loads of non-fun.
    Hope you’re having a great week.

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    1. Ugh, that sucks that they’re expecting you to install the new computer all by yourself. It can be a pain. With respect to Windows 11, if that’s what you need to start using, it’s visually very different from Windows 10 or so I’ve heard, but it still works the same way at least for me as a blind user.


  5. I’m glad to hear you’ve had a pleasant week and I hope things continue to get better at your home.
    Happy new laptop! I can’t get on with Windows at all. I must admit to being a Mac snob! I am totally converted since swapping and love the features that a Mac has to offer.
    Hope you have a lovely week. 😊

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I love Apple products, but not the Mac. Seriously, I tried, but I couldn’t get used to it the one time I got a Mac.

      Hope your week will be lovely too.


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