The Wednesday HodgePodge (December 7, 2022)

Hi everyone. How are you all doing on this first Wednesday of the last month of 2022? I’m still struggling quite a bit. I might share a bit about this at the end of my post. After all, I’m participating in the Wednesday HodgePodge and the last question allows for us to insert a random thought. Let me get to the first five questions first though.

1. The Hodgepodge lands on National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Have you visited the memorial? Any desire to do so? Have you visited other WW2 sites and memorials? Do you think we do a good job of teaching current and younger generations about the events of WW2? Do you think it matters?
I have never visited the Pearl Hahrbor memorial, as I’m not in the United States. I’m not sure about any other WW2 sites or memorials either. I mean, yeah, I was born in Rotterdam, which was heavily bombed during the German invasion of the Netherlands, and I did see the memorial statue many times. Not sure about any museums if that’s what’s meant.

I do think teaching the younger generations about WW2 matters. I’m not sure how well of a job we do, as I’m not even sure how well-educated I myself am and I’m not considered “younger” anymore by most standards.

2. Many books, both fiction and non-fiction have been written with WW2 as the setting. Is this a ‘genre’ you gravitate towards? Share with us a book (or two) you’ve enjoyed that is set in some way around WW2. If you’re not a reader, how about a movie?
I don’t really gravitate towards this genre, honestly. The only book I can think of off the top of my head is Anne Frank’s diary. I loved it when I was a teen, but didn’t fully comprehend the horrors Anne and her family lived through at the time.

3. According to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine there are seven popular color trends for the holidays this year. They are- red and white, Victorian blue, pops of pink, rich shades of green, rainbow hues, black and white, and nostalgic retro colors. Are you ‘trendy’ when it comes to holiday decorating in 2022? How so? Does your tree have a ‘theme’?
No, I’m not trendy at all. In fact, my staff put up my Christmas decorations that I had left over from last year yesterday because I’d completely forgotten. I don’t even have a tree, as the cheap one I bought last year consumed huge amounts of batteries.

4. What’s a current trend you buck?
I have absolutely no idea what’s even currently trending, so no clue.

5. What’s your favorite chocolate something?
I don’t honestly care for actual chocolate. Give me white chocolate, which isn’t real chocolate, instead. If I have to go with something that has a trace of actual chocolate in it, I’m going with a Knoppers cookie bar. These are chocolate-covered waffles with nut cream inside of them.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
We celebrated St. Nicholas at the care home on Monday. I chose not to join my fellow residents in the living room, but I had my treat and presents in my room. For presents, I had a pair of socks and a chocolate letter. I initially thought I found the socks ugly and, while they are a bit on the large side for me and I wouldn’t personally have bought socks with prints on them, my husband convinced me the colors do look good together. They’re blue socks with tulips in various colors (mostly pink and orange) on them. I also got a little rhyme with my presents, as is customary with St. Nicholas. I liked that best.

11 thoughts on “The Wednesday HodgePodge (December 7, 2022)

  1. I like cozy socks and that’s mostly what I wear around the house. I have slippers that are like socks too which I also love. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you. I’m glad you found a way to enjoy your gift.

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  2. I don’t think I have visited any WW2 memorials. I know my youngest was taught a lot about WW2 in her history lessons at school but I and not well educated about it either. The only book I can think in that genre is Anne Frank’s diary which really is a horrific story.

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    1. It’s a horrific story indeed and realizing it actually all happened, makes it even worse. I feel really bad for not having fully grasped that even when I did a presentation on Anne Frank in seventh grade.


  3. I have been to the Pearl Harbor Memorial since my Father was in Pearl Harbor.
    I am very interested in WW2 and like to read survivor stories. I also bought and red Mein Kampf.
    As far as decorations, I like to theme it in Snowman for Christmas but since my Plato’s so small. I just use what I can. My tree is a crochet one on a shelf with a few ornaments.
    Socks are good gifts.
    I am with you on the White Chocolate. It’s my favorite! Did you say you got a Chocolate Letter? What is that?

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    1. Oh, that’s interesting that your father was in Pearl Harbor. I know next to nothing about that actual place other than it was attacked by the Japanese, leading to the U.S. entering WW2. However, I understand that means you went to the memorial and you’re interested in WW2.

      You read Mein Kampf? How intriguing! I mean, I assume you read it just to grasp what went on in Hitler’s mind, not because you somehow understand his POV. Here in the Netherlands, the book is banned.

      A chocolate letter is what it says: a letter, in my case the letter A, made out of chocolate. It is a popular St. Nicholas gift/treat here.


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