Between War and Peace

The stories we hear
Of war and peace
May cause us concern
Or relief
And yet
Is most often
Something inbetween

When orienting at the prospective new care home last Wednesday, a resident started talking unquietly about the war in Ukraine. She was quickly calmed by a staff, in as simple words as possible, suited to her intellectual capabilities.

That night, I heard an airplane or a helicopter fly by very low over my current home. I thought, perhaps influenced by the woman in the other home, that it was a jet fighter. “Are we going to war now?”, I asked the night staff when she responded to my call button. She put my mind at peace, saying someone had probably booked a night-time helicopter flight over Raalte. I took her story at face value and went to sleep.

The next morning, I found out that both of our stories are probably equally unlikely and reality was something inbetween: the helicopter had been called in a medical emergency to resuscitate a baby. Thankfully, the baby survived.

This post was written for Friday Writings, for which the optional theme this week is war and peace.

17 thoughts on “Between War and Peace

      1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I live in a care home due to my multiple disabilities, including blindness, autism and mild cerebral palsy. My fellow clients all have an intellectual disability – most in my current home are profoundly intellectually disabled, in fact. It’s complicated why intellectual disability services suit me best despite the fact that I have an at least average IQ. I am so happy I am capable of writing my thoughts down here on the blog indeed.

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  1. I agree with you that reality is something between war and peace. We do not really feel secure about this world. Some little madness can tip the balance to war.

    I read Rosemary’s comment. I admired your strength and positive attitude too.

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