Poem: The Monster

It screams
Telling me
To give up once and for all

Other times
It whispers
Luring me
To take that final step

It seems silent
Just for a little while
But it always returns
The monster
Wanting me to die

This poem was written for Friday Writings #14, for which the optional prompt this week is to write about monsters. I am also joining dVerse’s Open Link. I’ve shared poetry about my depression and recurring suicidal ideation in both linkies before. I often refer to this state as “the monster”, so this theme came to mind when I read the Friday Writings prompt.

42 thoughts on “Poem: The Monster

  1. Depression is such an insidious foe to wrestle with, especially when you know its not so much gone as lurking off to the side, biding its time. The brutally dark honesty of this piece punches hard.

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s stepdaughter’s suicide. This must be so hard to deal with for your sister, her family and for you. Thank you so much for encouraging me to continue fighting the monster.


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