Things I Am Passionate About

In today’s Sunday Poser, Sadje asks us what we’re passionate about. Passions can be defined in various ways. They can be things we enjoy doing, but also societal issues we hold strong opinions about. In the below list, I am going to go into both, because I do enjoy talking about the issues I feel strongly about.

1. Writing. My greatest hobby is certainly writing. I’ve always enjoyed it. It is definitely something I do with a passion. I don’t talk about my writing that much though.

2. Crafts. Another of my hobbies is crafting. Unlike writing, I do talk about my crafting a lot. I love to infodump about my latest crafty hobby, be it soap making, polymer clay or whatever.

3. Autistic, mental health and disability activism. Back in the days of my first WordPress blog, most of my posts were opinionated and related to disability, neurodiversity or mental health. I no longer write as much about autistic advocacy, disability rights or the like, but that doesn’t mean I no longer feel passionate about these issues. I have always considered myself a moderate pro-neurodiversity activist, in that, though I side with autistics and the neurodiversity movement, I do feel that most neurotypicals are well-intentioned, though privileged.

4. Calendars and timekeeping. I just need to mention this. I used to love calendar calculation, ie. calculating what date March 25, 1955 was or the like (it was a Friday, by the way). Now, though I’m no longer as interested in or competent at it, I do still feel passionate about issues relating to it. Never tell me that because it was New Year’s yesterday, there were “really two Sundays” this week. No, New Year’s is a bank holiday and this year it was on a Saturday, not a Sunday.

There are probably other things I feel passionate about, but these are the things I can think of right now. What do you feel strongly about or what do you enjoy doing very much?

13 thoughts on “Things I Am Passionate About

  1. You’re so right Astrid that there are two types of passions. Feeling passionate about a cause and promoting it is very satisfying too. Thanks for sharing about your crafts and writing.

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    1. Thank you for commenting, Sadje. It was fun being able to share about the things I feel strongly about without going into the issues themselves too much. And of course I love sharing about writing and crafting.

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  2. There are many types of passion in life and I enjoyed your list. I am passionate about societies’ treatment of the disabled and aged, animals, and of course children. I also feel passionate about our planet earth and how we treat it.

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  3. I can also be passionate about timekeeping, though it’s more so about precise calculated measurements, like being able to say that from sign x on the motorway to my location y is about 23 minutes, with an extra 4-7 minutes added for traffic if it starts to build. In terms of schedules and stuff like that… err, that needs polishing.

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