Gratitude List (October 29, 2021) #TToT

Hi everyone on this Friday evening. I’m doing a gratitude list again today. As usual, I’m joining Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). Here goes.

1. I am grateful my abdominal X-ray came back all normal. There’s no constipation or excess gas. Of course, this does mean we still don’t have answers as to what is causing my abdominal discomfort and how to deal with it. I have another appt with the GP to discuss further steps.

2. I am grateful my staff, the one who was on sick leave, is slowly returning to work. She came by for a quick visit yesterday.

3. I am grateful for nice weather. Most of the week, the temperature’s been above-average for this time of year, with today it going as high as 17°C. It’s been pretty clear and sunny with no rain too. The weekend is supposed to be different, but oh well, that’s okay.

4. I am grateful for interesting conversations. I’ve been exploring the enneagram again and engaged both my husband and several staff in discussions about it. I got one staff to take a test and, assuming the test typed her right, so did I.

5. I am grateful my creativity seems to slowly be returning. I’m not yet actually creating anything, but I’m exploring polymer clay again. One of my staff is going to bring me some supplies for creating something she saw online or in a book tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.

6. I am grateful I had the guts to finally press the “report a problem” button on one of my most recent PayPal purchases. I spent €90 on what looks in theory like pretty amazing software. Turns out though that the license information I was given doesn’t work. I tried to contact the vendor via their website but got an “undelivered” E-mail response. I saw that their PayPal contact info was different, so before proceeding to actually report the problem to PayPal, I decided to try one more time to contact them via that E-mail address. Fingers crossed this will work.

7. I am grateful for yet more newly-discovered essential oil blends. I still haven’t bought more oils in part due to said €90 I might’ve thrown down the drain, but I love learning new ways I can use the oils I do have on hand. I currently have a blend of cinnamon, ginger and ylang ylang in my diffuser.

8. I am grateful for salad again. My day activities staff and I made this for lunch (well, she did the actual making) on Wednesday and there was still some left on Thursday.

9. I am grateful for all the sensory equipment I have right here in my room. On a Messenger chat, we were discussing ways to cope with anxiety and I mentioned my essential oil diffuser, weighted blanket and music pillow. These things make me so privileged.

10. I am grateful I am safe in the care facility. I find it hard to say this, but it’s true.

What are you grateful for?

17 thoughts on “Gratitude List (October 29, 2021) #TToT

    1. Thank you. I indeed hope my abdominal discomfort is something easily treatable. As for scents, the possibilities are literally endless, I hope you’ll give it a try.


    1. Thank you so much. I am truly glad my staff is returning to work. I’m indeed hoping I’ll get some guidance on how to proceed from my GP tomorrow. Hope you’ll have a good week ahead.

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  1. It is always nice when a test comes back negative, but then you are left wondering, especially if you still have symptoms. I hope you get some answers.
    I am not familiar with the enneagram.
    Your weather sounds very similar to the weather we are experiencing this weekend.
    #10 I suspect there are many in the world who would wish for a place where they could feel safe.
    Wishing you a happy week ahead.

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  2. Feeling safe is priceless, and I’m glad you have that feeling.
    My daughter is all about the Enneagram! I took the test but I don’t remember what I am!

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    1. I didn’t end up reporting the vendor. It was the Vocalizer for NVDA add-on, which the vendor claims isn’t their problem it doesn’t work so I can’t report them. Then again, I’m pretty sure the problem is NVDA doesn’t support commercial add-ons and that’s why this one doesn’t work.

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