Activities I Do When I’m Alone

I have been struggling more with alone time and the fear of being left to my own resources lately. For this reason, Carol Anne of Therapy Bits’ question yesterday comes at the right time. She asks what things we like to do when we’re alone.
Here’s a list of things I can do by myself.

1. Go online. I can read other people’s blog posts, be it in my feed reader or through link parties.

I can also go on Facebook and other social media. I don’t personally use Twitter, Instagram etc. much at this point, but I still like to scroll through it.

I also recently developed an interest in watching YouTube videos in the areas of crafting and faith.

2. Read. The only goal I set for myself this year that I truly, definitely haven’t reached, is my reading goal. I’ve so far only finished six books out of my goal of 20. That being said, I do like to read the occasional short story or chapter in a self-help book.

3. Write. I am currently on an eight-day streak with this blog (including this post). I can also write in my private diary, for which I use an app called Day One. I use this app for freewrites and gratitude lists too.

4. Pray and read my Bible. I sometimes slack out on my Bible reading a little, opening the app and only reading the verse of the dday. Today, I did pretty well, having actually finished a plan I had been doing for a while and also having read up some in the book of Judges (because someone I follow mentioned a verse from there).

Besides filling my time, Bible study and prayer will bring me closer to God and will hopefully make me realize that I am never truly alone, even when I am physically alone. I am also never left to my own resources, even if it feels that way.

5. Listen to music and dance. The word “dance” should really be put between scare quotes, since my sense of rhythm is nonexistent. However, I enjoy listening to country, southern rock and contemporary Christian music while moving.

In addition, I also like to listen to calming music while lying in bed. Then, I prefer nature sounds and harp, guitar or piano music. I also occasionally listen to contemporary Christian music when I’m neither resting nor dancing. Then, I’m digesting the lyrics.

Do you struggle with alone time? What activities do you do when you’re alone?

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32 thoughts on “Activities I Do When I’m Alone

  1. I am never alone, perhaps for a little while when I am sleeping, but I don’t even have a complete night without being disturbed by someone. Sometimes I long to be alone, but I know that loneliness is a difficult thing to endure. It sounds like you have the balance just right.

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  2. I do a lot of similar things to you. I go online, read, journal, blog, sometimes write some short story if I feel up to it and have some fun idea, play or relax with Misha, listen to music, read, pray, do all sorts of fun things with my languages, write with people, sometimes listen to podcasts, sometimes I discover some rabbit hole that I can go down for hours when I’m alone and learn all sort of things about the thing that fascinates me at any given time. I like being alone, but I also often do find it scary due to anxiety, so I get it.

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  3. I like to be alone to catch up on things but I don’t like too much time alone! I like similar things to you too – reading, going online, blogging, listening to music. The Day One app is good isn’t it? I sometimes use it for private journalling too. #MMBC

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  4. I rarely have time on my own, but when I do, I enjoy many of the things you’ve listed here, such as reading (often social media posts, blogs, online articles etc, rarely books at this point in my life), music (listening and singing along, and “dancing” ;-)), writing etc. I’ve also started listening to podcasts more over the last year, which I think is another good thing to do when I have some time to myself 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this post with #KCACOLS! x

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    1. I’m so happy you’re back to journaling. I can totally understand your guilt about doing things just for you, although I don’t face it myself right now. Thank you for commenting.


  5. It is not easy to be alone. because I belong to a big family in the Philippines. I am now living here in the United States. the adjustment here is not easy. if only I have the tools. I can do voice-over, reading books as a narrator. and I have some Christian children’s book plans to publish. and you can also watch comedy movies like I love Lucy. just to have something to do. and you can include in your prayers that are needed. to be alone time with GOD. anyway thanks for sharing this great information.

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