Riding the Train

Back when I still lived on my own in 2007, I would frequently ride the train. Or go to the train station planning to go on a train somewhere but melt down once at the platform. Then, people would often call the police.

I shared my experiences of riding the train, or wanting to do so, as an autistic and blind person on a public transportation users forum in 2008. I shared pretty much every little detail up till my crisis on November 2, which happened at a train station too. The person who had asked me to share, then pointed out that it might be a little TMI, but that’s how I am.

This piece was written for the Six Sentence Story blog hop, for which the prompt this week is “Train”.

25 thoughts on “Riding the Train

  1. I’m very sorry you had those experiences and that additional challenges make day to day harder. But it’s good that you are able to reflect on it with gained insight and in a more positive way. 👍

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    1. Thank you for your sympathetic comment. You would probably figure out a way if you had to, like I did with living on my own. I was mostly merely surviving, but that was enough at the time.

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  2. Hey! Astrid!

    I enjoyed your Six in a way that you will find with many of the others here, where the liberties if fiction permit us to share, (even if only to ourselves, by virtue of the medium) parts of our lives.
    There are things we might be surprised to find ourselfs, as Readers, identifying with.

    Good Six!

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  3. Hi Astrid! Glad you wrote a Six this week 😀
    Sharing personal experiences, even with a little tmi, can be helpful to others in similar circumstances. One of the positives of the internet is the availability to tap into a forum or discussion on almost any topic.

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    1. Thank you. I agree. The person who had asked me to share, a train staff at the station in the city I lived on my own in, had intended to ask me about riding the train as a blind person. He was unaware of my autism or psychiatric issues and, if he’d seen me in a meltdown at the station back in 2007, he wouldn’t have known I was the same person (this was back in the days of avatars, before actual profile pics). He probably was a little shocked to read such a sad story, but I really didn’t mind.

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