#IWSG: Favorite Genres to Read


Welcome to another installment in the Insecure Writer’s Support Group (#IWSG) meeting. This past month, I’d set my expectations pretty high and, as such, was disappointed. I participated in #Write28Days with the aim of writing each day. Not surprisingly, that didn’t work out. I wrote 23 posts over the month of February. I also didn’t really broaden my horizons with respect to writing. That is, most of my posts were securely within my comfort zone. I really hope to be doing better this month.

Now on to the March 3 question: Everyone has a favorite genre or genres to write. But what about your reading preferences? Do you read widely or only within the genre(s) you create stories for? What motivates your reading choice?

Let me begin by saying my writing comfort zone is pretty narrow. I mostly write personal essays, if that’s even what my blog posts can be called. I would really like to write a memoir at some point, but I’ve been telling myself and others that for many years and yet never got down to actually doing it.

When I do write creatively, it’s usually poetry or very short pieces of flash fiction. I used to write some short stories and even have a young adult novel that I started writing as a teen yet never finished and that’s incredibly unimaginative I think.

My reading preferences do partly match my writing preferences, in that my favorite genre to read is memoir. Next to that comes young adult fiction about real problems, like the aforementioned work in progress also is.

I also read books that I couldn’t possibly be writing myself. Oh wait, I can’t really write a book at all, but oh well. I mean, I’ve recently developed an interest in science fiction and the like. I also occasionally read romance novels.

I rarely if ever read traditionally published poetry. That being said, I do love to read poems published on other people’s blogs. Same for personal essays and flash fiction. I mean, I’ve read a few books that were basically anthologies of personal essays, but I prefer to check out blogs for those.

With respect to what motivates my reading choice, I’m a true mood reader. I read a pretty wide variety of books, but they have to suit my mood at that time. I usually choose books based on the blurb. I can’t see the covers, obviously and I rarely read reviews on Amazon or Apple Books. When I do read reviews, it’s on other people’s blogs.

What about you? What motivates your reading choice?

22 thoughts on “#IWSG: Favorite Genres to Read

  1. I like good romance novels, but they’re hard to find in the garbage pile of Kindle Unlimited. I read so much that I have to use the program less I go broke! So, I’ve been reading suspense novels and family dramas instead. Occasionally I’ll grab a science fiction book. I do enjoy good poetry, but like you have been mostly reading it via blogs…

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      1. There have been some, but mostly garbage. Not just bad or absent plots but no proofreading! I like a good emotional story with flawed characters who try to overcome their issues. No cliched plots involving twins or people pretending to be together or exes reuniting because their kid is in trouble or people trapped in a cabin in a snowstorm omg!

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        1. Oh, I guess I’m clueless about romances then. I thought that was basically what all romances were about. I like a good emotional story too, but when I check out a romance, I actually like the cliches. Or what I didn’t even know where cliches. However, re no proofreading, I definitely agree. Like, I’m currently reading After the Cure by Deirdre Gould (a post-apocalyptic series starter) and I guess it’s lack of proofreading that already disappointed me in the first few chapters.

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  2. Interesting set of things you like to read! But don’t give up on that writing. Keep at it, and you never know what will happen 🙂

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  3. Hi Astrid,
    Thank you for visiting my site and commenting. Otherwise, I probably would never have met you. As I mentioned in my reply to your comment, I’m impressed with your ability to travel to different websites even though you are blind.

    I read you post, “A Very Intense Tuesday.” and discovered you are currently living in a care facility. Your situation resonated with our time of living on our sailboat in Mexico and my husband learning to walk after spinal surgery in the US. His back and other medical problems landed him in hospitals in Mexico, France, and US. My Notes to Self revolve around my experience as a care giver and not knowing a word of Spanish or French. Communicating with the US doctors in English wasn’t much easier.

    I think many people are curious about life outside their norm. In my opinion you have compelling writing style that drew me in to your world. I hope you do continue to write and perhaps one day compile your posts into a book.

    As they say, we are all TABs (Temporary Able Bodies). Thank you for visiting my blog.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I totally feel for you and your husband re your experience with the various health care systems you had to deal with. I love to read about other people’s lives too. That’s the cool thing about the Internet, it connects people who wouldn’t otherwise know about each other.


      1. Since 2016 our lives have been upside down dealing with massive change in our lives. We are listing our home and sailboat next week. After living on La Vita (sailboat) since 2006, we are trying to adjust ti living on land. We’ve been in Mexico since 2011 and uncertain if we will stay here or return to the States. I’m counting on getting back to my writing. It will be a few months, but I’ll send you a link and invite you to share my world. I’ll check back from time to time and see what you are up do. Hopefully no dentist trips or awhile. LOL

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