#WeekendCoffeeShare (January 23, 2021)

Happy Saturday all! I’m so thrilled you’re joining me for another edition of #WeekendCoffeeShare. I haven’t had that much coffee yet, as my afternoon coffee was too strong for my liking, so I took only a few sips. I’m hoping my evening coffee is better.

If we were having coffee, I would proudly announce that, despite my less than ideal step count for the week, I’m still ahead of my sister. Last Tuesday was a real low, as it rained all day and I didn’t feel very well, so didn’t go on the elliptical. As a result, I got in only about 2000 steps.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that the AFO (ankle foot orthosis) guy was here on Monday. He took a look at my drop foot and at my shoes. He’ll return soon with some AFOs to try.

I am certainly hoping the AFO will help. Yesterday, after I walked for about half an hour, my foot began to horribly drag and this caused me some discomfort. I can’t exactly say it hurt, but it did feel really off. I was angry with my body afterwards. My staff tried to put things into perspective by saying I shouldn’t ignore the fact that I have a physical disability. Thing is, I’m not 100% sure I do.

If we were having coffee, I’d share that the weather has been okay for the rest of the week. We had some rain, a lot of clouds, but at times a little sunshine too. It hasn’t been cold, with temps rising to about 10°C on Wednesday I think. Today is a bit more wintery though.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m having a quiet week-end at the care facility. My husband was feeling a little poorly earlier in the week, so just to be on the safe side we decided not to meet.

I was originally planning on having pizza this evening, but decided against it eventually. I wanted to get it because one of the new pizzas at Domino’s is called Extreme Spicy Roulette and I wanted to try it before it went out of sale again. However, then I found out that the roulette bit is real, in that one slice is even spicier than the rest. I am not one for surprises, so no pizza for me today.

To make up for it though, kind of, this morning a staff took me for a walk in a nearby forest and McDonald’s afterwards. I must say the chicken nuggets were great!

If we were having coffee, I would share that my soaping supplies arrived yesterday. I haven’t used them yet though.

If we were having coffee, lastly I would share about IMMERSION Bible Studies, a series of Bible study books I discovered on Bookshare today. I immediately downloaded the one on Genesis, as I really need to apply the Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, more. I mean, I’m still reading Genesis as if it’s a collection of legends, not something that makes sense to my life. This book certainly helps me.

What’s been going on in your life?

22 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare (January 23, 2021)

  1. I really hope the AFO helps. 🙂 I can quite relate to your foot issues, having feet problems myself that are mild enough that they don’t really classify as any disability or a condition or anything yet still significant enough that they can cause some discomfort/limitations at times, and being kind of angry with my body about that because, well, I don’t have an actual movement-related disability and had a surgery for my feet so why the heck ain’t they working. 😀 It’s not so much now but i used to be rather frustrated about it in the past quite regularly.
    Hope your husband is feeling better and you’ll be able to meet soon. 🙂
    I also love spicy stuff to bits but hate surprises. I see that people eat spicy stuff often because of some sort of need for food adventure, so when you look for spicy foods or snacks or whatever there are often things like these where you get something which is mildly spicy in general, but some of it is a lot more spicy. I’m very tolerant of spiciness apparently more than most people around me ’cause they are always surprised how I can handle it, so it’s not that I’m afraid that it’ll be too spicy for me, I just don’t like not knowing what I’m about to eat. 😀
    The Immersioon Bible Studies sound great! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, the Immersion Bible Study is great so far. As for spicy food, I can usually handle very spicy food too and actually like it, but it’s the surprise bit I don’t like.

      I’m glad you can sort of understand my frustration with my body. I don’t know for certain that I have a mobility-impairing disability either. I am happy you no longer experience the anger with your body so strongly.

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  2. Hello Astrid. I’ve had minor issues with my feet too, but just enough to sympathize because foot pain and improper functionality can have such a huge impact on our quality of life. I hope this gets sorted out for you.
    I don’t think I knew that you were doing Bible studies and am pleased to hear it now. when I was much younger, I respected, but didn’t bother to read the Bible much. This approach did not work out well for me. I found I needed a deeper exposure, understanding and time spent with it. I doubt you will ever regret deciding to do this. Good hunting!

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m so sorry you experience foot issues too but grateful for your empathy.

      Yes, I started reading the Bible everyday on December 7, 2020. Until I discovered the Immersion Bible Studies though, I just read the Bible and that’s it. Now I can definitely see how Bible study will give me a deeper understanding of God.


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