It’s Just Another Manic Monday #Blogtober20

Today’s prompt for #Blogtober20 is “Manic Monday” and how appropriate this is today! One of my day activities staff celebrated 25 years working for this care agency. For this reason, the manager and a few of her coworkers from the day center came round for coffee and cake. You see, the day center is still not operating as usual due to COVID-19 restrictions and this staff usually provides day activities at my home now. She did visit her normal day activities group for a bit in the afternoon, where currently another home’s clients do day activities.

Anyway, due to the manager and some other staff coming by for a visit, it was really hectic here this morning. I did enjoy a cup of coffee and some cheesecake, but I was really overloaded most of the time.

The staff had really done her best to make us feel festive. In addition to the cheesecake, we got Airfryer snacks for lunch and candy bars with our afternoon coffee. Another staff had also decorated the home with photos of this staff from throughout her career.

Thankfully, I managed a mid-morning walk after the manic events of the manager’s speech and coffee with cheesecake. That went well, although my accompanying staff’s chatter did get a bit on my nerves.

I spent the afternoon so far relaxing in my room or having coffee with a candy bar. I still need to make a present for this staff, like a soap, but that can wait and of course isn’t a requirement. I did after all contribute to the home’s gift to this staff.

This evening, I intend on checking other blogs and just chilling out in my room. If it’s not raining, I might go for a walk after dinner. I may also read a little. Right now, I’m reading a Dutch book chronicling a year in the life of an obstetrician.

Normally, my Mondays aren’t as manic as today. In fact, I like the hustle and bustle of it, compared to boring Sundays. After all, I spend a lot of my Sundays in bed. On Mondays, day activities start back up, so I normally go for a walk or two and/or make a soap or some other craft or DIY project.

Of course, compared to parents or people who work, I’m not as busy even on a Monday. I mean, I still get more than enough time to relax and even the activities I do during the day, don’t feel like chores or work. I do, however, feel easily overloaded by lots of stimulation, so it’s exactly right the way things are right now.


22 thoughts on “It’s Just Another Manic Monday #Blogtober20

  1. I got winded just reading all of this activity. I am overwhelmed easily, I suppose. But I like slow paced days where I can catch my breath, I’m not one for endless activity and stimulation.

    I’m glad you’re managing well.

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  2. I’m not really someone who enjoys lots of activity in one day and it can get too much quickly but I also don’t like Sundays very much for the same reason as you, they can get really boring, and I like having more to do like I do during the week. I think it’s great when one can have balance like you do, and like I do too, so that you get time to relax, but also have things to do so you never or rarely feel bored. I think boredom is the worst enemy for people with mental health issues. 😀

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      1. I strongly disagree too. 😀 I’m more inclined to agree with my Polish teacher who used to say that intelligent people are never bored. That’s certainly an exaggerated statement, as in some circumstances it’s impossible not to get bored even if you’re the smartest and most creative, but I think it shouldn’t be taken exactly literally and I can relate to it easier.

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        1. Ah, that’s a really wise statement. I don’t think he meant it the other way round though, that if you’re bored it somehow means you’re not intelligent. In general though, I do think more intelligent and creative people tend to find ways to occupy their minds more easily than those wiht lower IQ.


  3. 25 years working in the same place – that’s amazing! I was a support worker many years ago and loved every minute of it. I’d have still been there myself, 17 years on, if my ex boyfriend hadn’t been promoted to manager. Sounds like you’ve had a busy day. Fingers crossed tomorrow is a bit calmer 😀 #blogtober

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