Activities I Enjoyed As a Child

Hi everyone! How are you doing? For today, I have a rather joyful post. I’m going to share stuff I enjoyed doing as a child. I mean, I didn’t have the best of childhoods, but there were definitely things I enjoyed. Here is a list of activities I liked as a child, and some I still do.

1. Listening to cassette tapes. At around age five, my parents got me a subscription to the Dutch audio magazine for blind children. It was on cassette tape at the time. It lasted only an hour and was sent out every three weeks, but I still loved listening to it. I also loved listening to old editions. Back then, you had to return the cassette tapes after listening, but you could also send a guilder with the empty case and a note saying you kept the magazine. I did this almost with every edition and listened to a lot of them repeatedly.

My parents got me a subscription for the magazine for blind preteens for my tenth birthday and I started subscribing to the one for teens at age twelve. I had that one for about ten years I believe.

I also loved listening to audiobooks. I hated reading Braille books, but really loved the cassette taped books.

2. Playing with dolls. I had a favorite doll, Roza (it was really spelled with a Z). I got her for my third birthday from my grandma, who had bought it on a trip to Berlin. Roza had blond hair and light skin color. My sister’s favorite doll was called Marijke and she was dark-skinned with black hair. We often played that the dolls came from Suriname and went back there on vacation.

3. PlayMobil®. I started playing with PlayMobil® at around age three. Back then, I had three favorite figures, whom I called Pekel, Laren and Foet, none of which are actual Dutch names. These figures did normal everyday stuff like eating, going to the toilet, etc.

When I got older, I played more complicated games. At one point, when I was around eleven, I had two Native American figures whom I called Ingassa and Maranna. My sister played with these figures, while I played with a red-haired figure called Pippi. We said that Ingassa and Maranna were originally from Costa Rica and we again played that we were going back there. Okay, I sound real racist right now with all my stereotyped games.

4. Playing outside. When I still lived in Rotterdam, we had a sandpit that my father had built. It was made of wood which hadn’t been varnished I think, as it was often moldy. I loved playing in it.

We also had a set of swings. I loved those! In Apeldoorn, we got a large set of playing equipment from our grandma. It included a rope, a horizontal bar to bend over and also swings. Until I was at least thirteen, I spent a lot of time on the swings. At the day center, we have a set of indoor swings and I love them, even though I get dizzy quickly going on them.

What activities did you enjoy as a child?

37 thoughts on “Activities I Enjoyed As a Child

  1. Listening to cassette tapes was a favourite of mine too, only in the first years I rather listened to some widely available cassettes with stories/fairytales/plays for children, and still have some of them that Sofi likes to listen to now, but as a preteen I joined the nearest small library of talking books that was in my area and really enjoyed to listen to books from there. I loved to read Braille much more but since it wasn’t always as easily doable when I was at home it was a nice way of compensating for it.
    Your plays with your sister sound very creative, haha. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for the compliment on my creative play.

      I did listen to more widely-available audiobooks too and those tended to be of better quality than the ones from the library for the blind. I wish I still had some.


    1. Oh wow that’s so cool! Then I guess you’re significantly older than me, as we were drowning in cassette tapes so to speak. I did save money to buy cassette tapes too though.


      1. Hannah Baker is the protagonist and narrator of 13 REASONS WHY which took up a lot of Netflix attention in 2018 and probably in 2019.

        And she was a book first by Jay Asher.

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    1. Yes, they certainly have. Like, I got a computer at age eleven and an Internet connection at age fifteen and that already caused me to go outside way less. I don’t have kids, but I imagine today’s kids hardly go outside much at all.


  2. You mentioned Suriname…are you from there? I loved reading comic strips such as Donald Duck. I was really addicted to comic strip. I also loved playing outside or taking a walk in the neighbours pastures

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    1. LOL, no, I’m not from Suriname. I am from the Netherlands though and a significant proportion of Black Dutchpeople have their roots in Suriname. Since my sister’s doll was Black, that’s how I got the idea I think.


  3. I enjoyed playing doctors, and pretending I was playing house with my dolls, where I was the mom. I also enjoyed rollerblading, and skipping, I also enjoyed the swings, I had a swing, and a seasaw. xoxo

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