A Sunny Monday

Hi all on this beautiful Monday! It’s mid-September but the temperatures rose to 29°C here anyway. Tomorrow we’re supposed to get even hotter weather, with temperatures rising to 34°C in some places in the south of the country.

I went for three walks today. In the morning, my regular day activities staff was in a meeting, so a substitute came. She took me on a long’ish walk. I think we took over half an hour. Then in the afternoon, I took my usual 20-minute walk when the regular staff had returned.

I was originally planning on taking some pictures, but ultimately I didn’t really have the courage. That little voice that says as a blind person I shouldn’t be interested in visual stuff like photographs, was pretty prominent in my mind.

In the evening, I took another longer walk. The staff who took me pointed out that there were some cows real close. I asked her to take a picture with my phone. Both Seeing AI and Envision, my two image description tools on my phone, didn’t get beyond calling it livestock, but my iPhone itself did identify cows in the picture.

Ultimately, I took over 12K steps so far today. This gives me an excuse to take it easy tomorrow, when it’s going to be so hot. I might make a soap then or maybe I’ll try out the matcha green tea in a smoothie. I doubt I’m going to try it as regular tea, as I’ve heard it tastes pretty bitter then.

I may also visit the sensory garden attached to the day center. I went there some weeks ago and loved smelling the herbs. There’s a birdcage there too, although at the time the birds didn’t make a sound.

I may try to take some pictures myself. What do you think? As a blind person, should I be interested in pictures, and if so, is it worth it if I try to take them myself? I mean, would you like to see more pictures on this blog even if they’re not good?

The Ordinary Moments

23 thoughts on “A Sunny Monday

  1. Uhhh, I’m so sorry you’re still struggling with these thoughts about visual stuff, I mean not that I see anything unusual with it since you were told these things by your parents and it always gets deeply ingrained but I’m just sad it’s happening when it didn’t have to in the first place.
    I’ve also been learning to take photos on my iPhone and whenever I ask my Mum for some suggestions assistance or explanation she’s like: “Oh, nooo, you definitely won’t be able to do this”, not in a mean or scornful way but she just doesn’t believe it, so I’m not getting much help from her. Even when she’s trying to assist me, despite it’s not always like this with her, in this situation I get nothing out of it as she pretty much takes the picture for me, haha. Indeed, I’m sucking big time at it but so far I’m still trying. Not that I have any specific reason because I don’t really care for visuals that much, but it can just make life easier and could be fun if I could also share something on my blog at times. I don’t know anyone though who would be totally blind with no light perception since birth and who could take at least tolerable pics so it’s just experimenting and we’ll see.
    Interesting how Seeing AI and Envision are both worse at recognising animals than just iPhone itself.
    I hope you’ll be able to feel a bit more confident soon and take some photos and also that you’ll feel confident enough to share them on here. 🙂

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