Weird or Creepy Interests

Today I have a lot on my mind, but not much I can put down into writing. To occupy you readers anyway, and to distract myself a bit, I’m participating in My Inner MishMash’s Question of the Day. The question is whether you have any interests most people consider weird or even creepy or gross.

Creepy or gross, no. I mean, yes, I’m interested in medicine, but not specifically in anatomy or bodily functions. I have some interest in genetic conditions, particularly rare ones, and of course I’m into psychiatry. Lately, I’ve been connecting the two and learning more about psychiatric aspects of genetic syndromes. I was fascinated when I was told one of my fellow clients has Christianson Syndrome, a form of X-linked intellectual disability that is similar in presentation to Angelman Syndrome. I at first felt weird googling the condition, but since the staff specifically told me about this client’s syndrome rather than me having overheard it, I felt okay in the end.

Weird, yes, definitely. I already commented on the original post that I’m into calendars and timekeeping. I still keep and cherish a twenty-year-old newspaper article explaining why the year 4000 shouldn’t be a leap year, among other things.

I also tend to get upset when people make calendar calculation mistakes, particularly when they do it on purpose. My husband likes to talk about 30th February, for example. As a teen, I used to calculate what day a given date fell on. I was particularly fascinated by dates before 1582, so that I could show people that I knew about the Julian/Gregorian calendar transition.

I also, when I still lived in Apeldoorn, loved riding random buses to memorize their route. Apeldoorn’s buses at least all used to go in an eight-shaped route, each time getting back to the station. That way, I’d never get lost even if I rode a bus I’d never been on before. Before I moved to Nijmegen, I had the bus schedule nearly memorized too.

Currently, I don’t have any weird or unusual interests that I’m particularly actively engaged in. However, when it comes to my “normal” interests, they do tend to be abnormally intense and detail-focused.

Do you have any weird interests?

5 thoughts on “Weird or Creepy Interests

  1. These are actually pretty cool. My grandfather taught all his grandkids the following 12-digit number:


    These are the first dates of each month that land on a specific day of the week. This year, for example, started on a Wednesday, so January 3 and February 7 land on Friday, and since it’s a leap year, March 7, April 4, May 2 etc. are the first Saturdays. Next year they’re the first Sundays of the year.

    My grandfather was a math professor and could do pretty difficult computations in his head. I inherited that from him.

    I love that you’re interested in bus routes and ride buses just to see where they go. That’d be something I’d do if I wasn’t handicapped.

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  2. Rare conditions and the way they impact people are very intriguing to me, I love to learn about them.
    I can relate to what you said about your normal interests being abnormally intense, that definitely does happen to me too, and in a way I quite like it this way. 😀

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  3. Your interests are very cool!

    My weird interest is visiting graveyards and admiring the headstones. There is a lot of beautiful art and poetry on those old stones. Sometimes I do a little research on the people who were buried there as well.

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