Working On Us Prompt: Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts

I have lots of things I want to write about, and yet all I do is sit behind my computer and try to figure out which feed reader would be best (or least bad) on my Windows PC. I’ve yet to make a final decision, but I’m frustrated with it for now.

I’m joining in with Beckie’s Working On Us Prompt again. This time, the topic of discussion is suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.

As regular readers of my blog know, I do experience suicidal ideation on a regular basis. I have in fact lived with re-occurring suicidal ideation ever since the age of seven or so. My most severe suicidal break however was in 2007, when I was 21. Ironically, my parents thought that, since I had had suicidal thoughts on and off ever since age seven, I must not be serious and it all must just be “for attention”. Well, let me be very clear on this: suicidal thoughts are no fun and, if they ever happen “for attention”, there probably is a very good reason the sufferer is seeking attention.

I had never attempted suicide when I had my break in 2007. This break too involved “just” threats. However, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t genuinely struggling. I genuinely thought death was my only option. Same when, in 2002, I wrote a goodbye letter but had no idea how to go about actually taking the final step. People commonly say that, if you truly want to end it all, you will and, if a suicide attempt fails, it must not have been serious. That’s not necessarily true. People die from impulsive suicide attempts and people who’ve tried to kill themselves many times and are adamant they want to die, may still be alive.

In 2007, I was hospitalized, because my suicidal ideation was so serious that I needed help for it. That is, because I was suicidal due to be overwhelmed living independently and going to university, it helpd already to be taken out of the situation. That doesn’t mean my suicidal thoughts were gone immediately. That took at least three months and they’ve returned frequently since.

I did not actually get much help overcoming my suicidal thoughts. When I was on the locked unit, I had no therapy and no medication other than PRN oxazepam. I started therapy at the resocialization unit, but it was mostly just supportive.
In 2017, after my discharge from the psychiatric hospital, I made two suicide attempts by overdosing on medication. I am hesitant to call them suicide attempts, because both were impulsive and I’m not sure my intent was to die. I was most definitely depressed though. My suicide attempts were “for attention”, yes, but I had a very valid reason to seek attention.

10 thoughts on “Working On Us Prompt: Suicide and Suicidal Thoughts

  1. Astrid, I am so appreciative for you sharing your experience with all of us that are reading “Working on Us” Week#7 – You brought up so many valid points regarding the state of mind you were in, as well as being so candid with all that you have felt since the young age of 7.
    I am so honored that you participated in a topic that although is difficult, more attention needs to be brought to the discussion and stigma that surrounds suicidal ideation.
    God Bless You! 💚

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  2. It’s really awful when people assume that someone who has suicidal ideations, or threatens/attempts to kill themselves, must do it for attention, or is just kidding or something, as if that would make it less serious or valid or less of a problem, and as if it would mean they won’t end up killing themselves. I wish people realised that suicide is no fun and someone who has suicidal ideations always needs some attention.

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    1. I agree. I don’t think anyone would make up suicidal ideation just for the fun of it, because suicide is no fun. I mean, yes there are some very few people who threaten suicide to manipulate, but they too are sick.

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  3. Astrid:

    best wishes with finding a feed which is compatible with all the major blogs and news sources.

    I too when I used Windows found feeds frustrating, especially the standard syndications.

    And to think that when you were 21 you were dealing with suicidal ideation for two-thirds of your life.

    Overwhelm is of course a big thing.

    All the more reason to support our friends and community during transitions in their lives.

    Important to listen to what people want as well as what they need during a suicidal crisis or ongoing situation where ideation and expression may or does play a role.

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  4. Wow thank you for sharing! You are so incredibly strong to have survived all of that and to have kept on going!

    Chevy our my recent blog…It’s about a podcast and TV show about suicide and their attempts at breaking the stigma

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