Progress in Finding Long-Term Care

It’s been exactly six weeks since I got approved for long-term care, so that we could finally start finding me a supported housing facility. Things are moving slowly but steadily. Today, let me share how we’re doing.

Immediately after we heard I was approved for long-term care funding, my support coordinator contacted the care consultant for my current care agency. She made sure to get the paperwork in order so that, while we’re waiting for supported housing, I can retain my current support. After all, community support through the local authority was immediately stopped. My support coordinator also contacted the care consultant for the living facility in Raalte, which is with my current care agency too.

When it turned out the process with that living facility would be slow-moving, I proposed to contact the two blindness agencies to explore the possibility of my living there. One of them responded immediately with an appointment for an intake interview. This is, unfortunately, the one with the facilities in the far north and south and west of the country. Of course, we are talking the Netherlands, not America. However, my husband isn’t happy to travel up to two hours each week to visit me. We agreed on a maximum distance of one hour. This agency has nothing within an hour’s driving distance. We did however request that they help us by recommending accommodations a future living facility could make for my blindness. They will come by to observe me at day activities next week.

The other blindness agency has my file, but they haven’t yet scheduled an appointment to meet me.

I went to have a look at the facility in Raalte last week. It was great. The staff/client ratio is 1:6 to even at times 1:4 during the day and there is an awake night staff. They also have tons of sensory supplies, including a sensory room, rocking lounger and a bathroom with a tub. I will hear more about whether the psychologist and physician for this facility find me a good fit soon.

Then today I heard about another facility. It is with a countrywide Christian care agency. It is in the city of Ede, which is about a 45-minute drive from my current home. The facility primarily serves elderly people with intellectual disabilities. I don’t know whether that would be a problem. It might be, as the other clients are probably a lot less mobile than I am. Clients only have a bedroom to themselves, but I don’t mind. The care consultant would send my file to the psychologist for this facility too and then I may come for a tour.

It all makes me feel a bit confused but overall excited too. I mean, I still feel off applying to live in intensive support living facilities, being that I now live semi-independently. Of course, my husband does all of the housework, but still. It’s hard to believe that people suddenly aren’t rejecting me, saying I misuse care and leaving me to my own resources.

6 thoughts on “Progress in Finding Long-Term Care

  1. This is great news. Sounds like you are really moving forward on things. If you don’t get in one place, I’d take it to mean that it was not the right place for you. You will be happier elsewhere. I’m so glad your husband is so supportive. When he comes for visits, I assume he doesn’t get to stay with you? I have a friend who lives in a group home, she’s in her 40’s, she has been living there for a couple of years now and she really likes it. It is such a change from living with her mom all her life. 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting. No, my husband won’t stay with me overnight, but he will probably come mostly to take me to our home for the week-end. That’s why we agreed on a one-hour driving distiance limit.


      1. Week-ends are important for those who love us and those we love as well as the people we spend time with.

        Especially if you get up and go early on a weekend or when the working/studying week ends.

        This is “normal rhythm”, Astrid and Wendy.

        And that was a powerful agreement!

        Good to know about your friend. And, yes, it is a change.

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  2. Along with Wendy; Brian; Emilia [Eirlys] I too am happy – now that I am catching up with your post of the 16th July.

    Thank you for clarifying what is happening at Raalte and the other places you mentioned. [plus several you haven’t – well to keep stuff in reserve for us blog readers].

    “She made sure to get the paperwork in order so that, while we’re waiting for supported housing, I can retain my current support. After all, community support through the local authority was immediately stopped.”

    What common areas are at Ede? [like church and activities, I am thinking].

    “It’s hard to believe that people suddenly aren’t rejecting me, saying I misuse care and leaving me to my own resources.”

    This is really awesome. And for so long…

    Best wishes with the observations. They seem to be able to travel anywhere and have their clients travel far and wide.

    Well, at least half of you needs intensive support or you need it for half the day or for random hours.

    And also you might know more about what is possible when you are older [which is always about 10-15 years from a current point]

    [Yes, I know, Astrid – splitting and partitioning!]

    [And, yes, the Netherlands is a tiny place with lots and lots of people, like England; Scotland; Northern Ireland and Wales – and indeed some of the smaller bits of Australia and all of New Zealand].

    [For sense – south {east} in the Netherlands would be Belgium and Luxembourg – west would be the sea and England and parts of France – south would be more of France and somewhere else. Gets out the Wikimapia – I fear I do not speak Map as fluently as I used to].

    A good mate who is based in Indiana is “visiting back” there this very week – as well as his family heritage in Belgium. His blog is I stop somewhere waiting for you and it has lots of sport in it if any of the readers are interested in this type of thing.

    And driving is the unit of distance? Seems to be the most reliable. Especially in the near future with autonomous vehicles.

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