My New Mac: First Impressions

One of Mama’s Losin’ It’s prompts for this week is to write about your most recent purchase. I don’t know what counts as a purchase, but I really want to write about my Mac, which I bought two weeks ago.

I started writing this post on my new Mac. It’s new to me, but it’s the MacBook Air 2017, so I didn’t expect it to be all that advanced. I also didn’t expect to use it much for the first while. I mean, even after fully installing my current Windows PC in July of 2014, it took me two weeks before I started using it and only because I had spilled tea over my old one. Each new version of Windows required me a lot of learning, so I expected that even more with my Mac.

My husband installed it last Saturday evening. I started exploring it and, within an hour, my husband asked whether I could browse the Internet yet. Safari is one of the clunkier apps on the Mac, so I wasn’t expecting it to work. That evening though, I was reading blogs and commenting using my WordPress account. Apparently, I had figured out some basic web browsing on Safari.

The next day, I explored the Mac further and was blissfully unaware of my incompetence with it. That awareness came Monday, when I couldn’t figure out Facebook or In the evening, my husband tried to make the mail app work with my self-hosted E-mail account (is that what it’s called?). IMAP wouldn’t work, which caused me to melt down. I said I was going to buy a Windows PC the next day and go back to that. Thankfully, my husband talked me out of making any impulsive decisions.

The last few days have been better. I can more or less work any website that isn’t too chaotic, including Facebook. I finally figured out WordPress yesterday too, although I still prefer to type my blog posts on the iPhone.

Today, I spent my time on the Mac figuring out Apple Music. I have a Spotify premium subscription, but for some reason (them being competitors, I guess), Spotify isn’t available in the app store, or at least I couldn’t find it. I didn’t use to like iTunes on the PC, but so far, Apple Music is good on both iPhone and Mac.

I also decided to put my documents on my Mac. I rarely use offline documents nowadays, but I don’t want to lose them either. I have diaries dating back to like 1999 in my documents. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Dropbox in the app store either, so I had to retrieve my docs from my external hard drive. That’s a lot easier anyway.

I haven’t installed many apps yet. The only apps I installed so far, that aren’t recommended by Apple, are Kindle and ReadKit. I am not using either yet, because Kindle has a visual-only CAPTCHA to register and I would like to sync ReadKit with a feed reader that also syncs to the app I use on my phone. The most sensible choice for that is Feedly, but I have over 100 feeds I’m subscribed to and then a subscription costs like $65 a year. Maybe I could try Feedly with just a few feeds though to see if it works well with ReadKit and if I can use ReadKit like I want to.

As regular readers know, I am blind and so I use a screen reader. One of the main reasons I chose a Mac over another PC, is that the Mac has a built-in screen reader called VoiceOver. I had read up a lot about accessibility before buying the Mac, but there wasn’t much out there about Braille displays, which I use most of the time. Thankfully though, except for the login screen, everything works fine with my Focus Braille display.

There are also a ton of keyboard shortcuts, both general and VoiceOver-based. I love that, but it is a learning curve. For example, when copying my files from my external hard drive to my Mac, I kept trying to press Enter to open the folders and then realized I had to press Command+O. I also keep trying to press Shift+F10 to open a context menu. I don’t know whether there isn’t such a thing or I haven’t figured it out yet.

This review may seem a bit negative, but it isn’t intended as such. Overall, my Mac is definitely useful. I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to it eventually.

Mama’s Losin’ It

5 thoughts on “My New Mac: First Impressions

  1. Yes, Astrid, Safari is clunky! Though I think it may be servers and extensions. It behaves much better on the iPad and I imagine the iPhone.

    On the Mac, Enter/Return lets you change the names of those folders once you’ve opened them.

    With function keys there is a fn button.

    F10 by itself mutes sound.

    Context menus are usually made with Control + mouseclick.

    I think the Tab shortcuts are mostly compatible with Windows 7/10.

    And I don’t envy you trying to work Facebook with a new Mac!

    When I lost a password for Yahoo two years ago, Mail would no longer work.

    Wine is a great app [how accessible is it, I’d like to know?] for doing DOS and Windows things in Mac contexts.

    ReadKit has been making bugs on Mojave [the new System which was released about three months ago now].

    Thinking about Time Machine and some other transferring apps.

    Was wondering if MacBook recognised your fingerprint or is that with the 2018 version?

    Wouldn’t Spotify be in Google Play?

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    1. Thanks for your extensive comment. Yes, Safari works better on the iPhone than the Mac, but on the iPhone, it won’t let me select and then copy text (like the code I used for linking up this post). I did that on my Mac.

      I don’t do mouse clicks yet at this point, so I guess I’ll have to do without a context meny for now.


  2. What a great purchase! I think in time you’ll learn to really love your Mac.

    About two years ago, I went from a Windows laptop to a Macbook (mine is a 2009 model, but it had El Capitan installed on it), and have really loved it. There is definitely a bit of a learning curve, but I’m an iPhone user, so I was already familiar with *some* things. I don’t use any apps on my Macbook; I prefer the browser versions of things on the laptop, but I may try exploring and seeing what I can use as far as apps on here.

    What I really love about my Macbook is that Apple products have antivirus protection built into their iOS, and that’s been a huge lifesaver for me. Windows was way too bloated and slow and too much of a hassle to use by the time I got things straightened out on it. I hope this Macbook lasts me a long time yet. I’ll definitely buy used again, but probably a Macbook Air if I can.

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  3. Fun purchase! You’re braver than I am. I know everyone says to get a Mac, but I’m stuck in my old ways and feel like I’m already too used to how my windows computer works. I do generally love Apple products though…maybe someday I’ll make the switch!

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