Weekly Gratitude List (July 27, 2018) #TToT

Today, I’m participating in Ten Things of Thankful (#TToT). I have been looking at this link-up for a few weeks and wanting to participate, but somehow, never managed to actually go about it. I don’t promise I’ll be able to share ten things I’m thankful for right now, but I’ll try.

1. Sunscreen. It’s incredibly hot and sunny here. So hot in fact that it’s not funny anymore. I originally wrote “sunshine”, but then realized at this point I’m not thankful for the sunny weather anymore. I am, however, thankful for sunscreen. I recently started on a new medication and the doctor didn’t tell me it can cause photosensitization, which means you burn more easily when in the sun. This I’m not amused about, as I did explicitly ask about risks or side effects. It’s summer, man! It’s over 30 degrees Celsius. Thankfully I found out before starting the medication.

2. My sun hat. My husband bought it for me last year provided I promise to wear it. I never kept that promise until this week. It looks pretty cool on me or so I’m told.

3. Fresh fruit. Last Wednesday, I went to the supermarket with my mother-in-law and bought some peaches and blackberries. I’ve eaten them all by now, so maybe I’ll need to ask my husband to buy new fruit or take a trip to the supermarket myself again. I love love love fresh summer fruit!

4. Focaccias. Don’t know whether I spell this right, but they’re delicious and my husband bought some for us earlier this week.

5. Money in the bank. I received my disability benefits last Monday and that’s always something to be happy about.

6. My support coordinator. My main home support worker is on vacation now, but my support coordinator is thankfully able to fill in for her somewhat. This means I’ll at least have some home support.

7. My mother-in-law. She tries to come by on the days that I don’t see my support coordinator. I’m truly grateful to have her.

8. The fan my husband bought for in our bedroom. Thankfully, they weren’t all sold out by Wednesday, so I slept really well last nght in spite of the heat.

9. Being back in the blogging mood again. For those visiting from #TToT or otherwise unaware of this, I have been blogging on WordPress ever since 2007 and on other platforms ever since 2002. I have a terrible habit of dropping in and out of the blogging mood though. It seems it relates a lot to my general mental state. As such, I’m hoping to stay in this mood for a while.

10. Soap making. I made melt and pour soap again yesterday, this time with the help of my support coordinator. It makes me so thankful to have seen the result when she did the pouring bit, which wasn’t much better than mine. I don’t mean this to offend her at all, but it’s good for my self-confidence to see sighted people make a mess too.

Yay, I succeeded! What have you been thaknful for this week?

8 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude List (July 27, 2018) #TToT

  1. Welcome to the TToT! Don’t let the “Ten” in the name frighten you–although I see you managed to list 10 things. 🙂

    Raspberries are my favorite fruit, but I really enjoy all of the summer fruits. They are so refreshing on a hot day!

    Your comment about sighted people making messes reminds me of a comment my granddaughter made recently. She was trying to get out of having to clean up her toys, and blamed the mess on her brother by saying, “Girls don’t make messes!” As a sighted female, I can assure both her and you that the ability to make messes is not limited by gender nor vision!

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    1. Thanks for the visit. LOL, I loved that last sentence.

      My favorite berries are blueberries. Raspberries are definitely delicious too, but they’re incredibly expensive to buy.


  2. Welcome. I too drop in and out of blogging. To stay grounded I try to always participate in the TenThings of Thankful blog hop. I must admit, this summer I am a bit lax (relaxed) in the blogging world. Nice to meet you and I look forward to your upcoming posts. Peaches and raspberries are my favorite fruits, by the way. Oh and watermelon and blueberries, too.

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  3. Welcome to the TToT.

    Good post!

    (To reinforce what Kristi said, one the best things about this here bloghop here is the …’open-mindedness’ to what the ‘proper’ form of a Ten Things of Thankful post.

    (Two words: ‘Whew!’ as my own ‘style’ tends to be on the ‘sure, why not?’ end of the scale.)
    You have a nicely organized yet descriptive approach to the task and it is quite enjoyable to read.

    (love the subtitle on your blog ‘Writing Myselves Whole‘)

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  4. Glad to see you posting at the TToT blog hop. I think everyone has times when blogging becomes more of a challenge because of health or the demands of life.

    Sun hats are a part of my life now too. (I relate to your #2)

    Fans do make life so much more comfortable when it is so hot.

    I have a friend who loves making soap. She has made so many beautiful bars of soap in all sorts of scents. Do you make them to use as gifts?

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  5. I love all berries but strawberries.
    Soap making sounds intriguing. Its something I’ve never tried, but will now do some research.
    And yes, sighted folks do make messes, too.! I am one such person. A wonderful list of thankfulness.

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