Today Is Tuesday, February 23

Today is an okay’ish day. I don’t know what to write about, so I’ll just ramble.

I am struggling majorly with knee pain. I have been struggling with it for a few weeks already, but it wasn’t as noticeable before, as I wasn’t walking anyway due to the weather or mental fatigue. Now the weather is great and I’m definitely motivated to walk, but my knee won’t cooperate. My staff E-mailed the facility’s physical therapist to see if she can have a look later this week. I’m hoping there’s something that can be done about it.

I am also struggling majorly with anxiety. In particular, the fear that I’m deteriorating is on my mind. It isn’t entirely unfounded, as I do experience increasing irritability and sensory overload and decreasing energy. This makes me worry that, in five years or so, I’ll have suffered severe cognitive and physical decline. I know, it makes no sense to contemplate where this will go. All I can do, is do what my body and mind allow me to do each day. And I did go for two walks today, one in the morning and one in the evening.

In the afternoon, I made a massage oil. One of the staff had brought some travel-sized bottles that I could use for the oil. I used one of the 100ml bottles to put sweet almond oil into and then added essential oil. I used:

  • 6 drops clary sage

  • 3 drops lavender

  • 2 drops sweet orange

This makes for a dilution rate of roughly 1% for the total amount of EO. I am, after all, trying to be cautious. I made sure to use essential oils that I know to be relatively skin-safe. I tried the massage oil on my shoulders and neck this evening and it’s great.

I also ordered new essential oils. I had to order lavender EO, as I’d used the last bit of it in my massage oil. I also ordered grapefruit, cardamom and vetiver EOs.

Then I had a look at an online gemstone store. Boy, are crystals and gemstones expensive! I don’t know how I managed to collect so many as a preteen. Unfortunately, part of my collection disappeared in one of my moves. I’d really like to get some new ones sometime soon.

15 thoughts on “Today Is Tuesday, February 23

  1. I have had problems with my knees since my late 20s. Dr saw nothing on the MRI and sent me on my way with high dose ibuprofen. It did not help.

    Few weeks back my knees started hurting again so bad every step made me cry out. I found by taking one acetominophen and one ibuprofen the pain totally went away and stayed away for a week with that one dose.

    I know you are in a different country so they have different over the counter meds but there might be a working combo you could talk to your provider about.
    Good luck.😁

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    1. Thank you. I didn’t even think of taking OTC painkillers. I can’t take Ibuprofen because of the other meds I’m on, but some paracetamol might already work. I’m glad you found a med combo that helps you.


  2. I buy most of my essential oils already blended, which means I don’t know what a lot of the components smell like on their own. Clary sage, for example – I know I like it in blends, but I have no idea what it smells like by itself.

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  3. Hi,
    I love crystals and would love more too, I can so relate, knee problems as well.

    I am a Reiki Master (universal lifeforce energy). If you would like I could add you to my daily Reiki list and do several one hour ling distance sessions for free. Let me know. I never charge anyone I offer it to.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


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  4. I hope your knee pain is resolved soon. I would love to take a stab at making massage oils, but I just never seen to have the nerve to invest in the essential oils. Your post gave me renewed ambition!

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    1. Thank you for commenting. This was my first attempt at making massage oil, but it’s definitely worth it. I have a lot of essential oils, but you could start with the ones you need for one specific blend you think you’ll use often.

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